Celebrating Jamaica's Best

THE WEEKLY GLEANER | JULY 30 - AUGUST 5, 2020 | www.jamaica-gleaner.com | I heldonApril 10, 1962.Thiswas after the Jamaican people voted against joining theWest Indies Federation in 1961. August 5, 1962 was the national day of prayer. As such, dedication services were held in every church in the island, with the following twodays beingpublic holidays. OnAugust 6, therewere further celebrations across the islandandAugust 7 marked the opening of Parliament for independent Jamaica. There was also an Independence state banquet. On the same day, there were also numerous street dances. For the period, approximately 100 street concertswere organised by the JCDC. There was a fisherman’s regatta on every beach. The national float parade was held on August 11. More than 5,000 people participated in the giant parade, with about 90 floats. The parade started in Cross Roads andwent down Slipe Road, east at Torrington Bridge, around North Race Course Road, down East Race Course Road, down East Street, west into Harbour Street and up King Street. The parade was led by Miss City of Kingston, Mitsy Constantine. Effigies of Louise Bennett, Ranny Williams, and Alexander Bustamante were also present. In addition, The Gleaner Company and N.V. Phillips of London made ten 23-inch television sets available for the viewing of the celebration at Victoria Park, Kingston. Leading up to the celebrations, certain key things had to be finalised. The design of the flag was chosen through a collaborative effort by government officials. The motto, ‘Out of many, one people’, was chosen by Legislature in1962.The national anthem waswrittenby ReverendHugh Sherlock, while themusicwas providedby Robert Lightbourne.The national symbolswere chosen by a select committee in the Jamaica Horticultural Society. Since that time, a few things have changed. After the flag-raising ceremony in 1962, there was a much smaller celebration for the anniversary of Independence in 1963. But in 1964, a structured Jamaica Festival began, where there was a parade as well as a showcase of arts. In 1997, when Emancipation Day was introduced as a national holiday on August 1, celebrations started from July 31 and ended on Independence Day, August 6. As time progressed, Jamaica Festival was separated from the Jamaica Festival of the Arts. Published July 28, 2011 This is Jamaica’s Flag - June 22, 1962 . August 8, 1962 Front Page – Jamaica Celebrates Independence. The lowering of the Union Jack at 12 midnight August 5, 1962. FILE PHOTOS NATION CONTINUED FROM 8 12 INDEPENDENCE FEATURE J L 30 - A T 30,