Independence Cookbook

THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2022 14 FAMILY TIME: Main Course Dishes jamaica AT INGREDIENTS • 3 sprig thyme • 2 medium cho cho • 4 Scotch bonnet whole pepper • 1 gallon water • 1 lb Janga crayfish • 1 lb yellow yam or white yam (optional) • 2 small Irish potatoes • 6-8 packet Maggi or Grace Chicken soup mix • 6 pimento grains • 1 stalk scallion • 1 small onion diced • season salt METHOD Boil (scald) the Janga for 4 minutes, drain the water and set aside. Discard this water. • Knead the flour into dough and make dumpling and spinners. Set aside. • Peel and cut yam, Irish potato and cho cho in small bite size pieces. Wash and set aside. • Bring the 1 gallon of water to boil in a pot. • Add all the ingredients except the soup mix, the crayfish and Irish potato to the boiling liquid. • Cook for 15 minutes. • Stir and add the soup mix, the crayfish and Irish potato. • Add season salt to get the right taste. Chef OG Catering IG: chefog__ Crayfish Soup INGREDIENTS • 2 medium lobsters • 2 tomatoes • 2 tbsp tomato ketchup • 2 tbsp vegetable oil • salt to taste • 125 ml (½ cup) water • 3 teaspoon off chilli paste Half of Scotch bonnet pepper 1 medium onion • 1 fresh red chilli • 3 cloves garlic • 5 cm (2½”) fresh ginger • 2 tbsp of sugar Ketchup METHOD Heat a cup of water in a large wok and fry the ingredients until fragrant. Add the tomatoes, water, ketchup, and the chili paste and 2 tsp of sugar after making sauce. Heat the oil to fry the lobster after it is heated then fry the lobster to about 6-8 mins. After fried, dip them. Chef OG Catering IG: chefog__ Chili Lobster