International Women's Day 2021

NAME OF FEATURE | THE GLEANER | MONDAY, MARCH 8, 2021 16 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY #ChooseToChallenge IWD 2021 #ChooseToChallenge IWD 2021 #ChooseToChallenge IWD 2021 A painter gives the final touches to mural of Ruth Pfau, a German doctor and nun who devoted her life to the eradication of leprosy, on wall in connection with upcoming International Women’s Day celebration, in Karachi, Pakistan, Friday, March 5, 2021. AP “A S WOMEN, we are the ministers of finance and home affairs,” shared Anntonette Cowan-Palmer, regional manager at NCB Insurance Agency & Fund Managers Limited. Balancing professional careers, raising children, taking care of fam- ilies and more, add to the extensive list that women tackle on a daily basis. “As women, wemust plan in such a way that the immediateneeds aremet andweprepare for the future demands.This is no easy feat,”Palmer continued. Fromas early as she could remember, Palmer learned the value of saving, which allowed her to enjoy the simple pleasures of lifewithout de- pendingonhermother. “I would savemy lunch money to have money for the grand market, sports day or to go to KFC when we went on church trips. We all knew Mommy could not afford any more, so whatever we got as lunch money we had tomake it work,”she said. Her advice to women is to not be frivolous with their spending and tobemindful of where their money is going. Palmer’s daily motivation as a female leader comes frombeing grateful for life, health, fam- ily, and freedom. Her optimistic mindset has created a magnet for the many opportunities fromwhich she has gained. She paid homage to her mother Icilda Pitter- Petrie, who has always been her strongest in- fluence. Palmer said her lessons of disciplined focus, love for others and stress-free living have moulded her into thewoman she is today. – Anntonette Palmer ‘Women, the real ministers of everything’