Manchester Co-operative Credit Union

NAME OF FEATURE | THE GLEANER | SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 2021 2 MCCU 70TH ANNIVERSARY S INCE ITS establishment 70 years ago, the Manchester Co- operative Credit Union (MCCU) has helped to stir a sense of pride, community and dignity in its cus- tomers. Etched deeply within the DNA of the organisation is the goal to create‘one big parish credit union’ that is consistent in its commitment to serve as many people as possible. Over the years, the credit union has remained true to its trajectory of growth and charity, having built an enviable legacy of service. The credit union’s ingress into Jamaica is linked to the 1938 mass riots against poor wages and inhu- mane working conditions, fuelled by the zeal to assist in relieving the myriad of social problems which existed at the time. This gave the average Jamaican an opportunity and a fair chance of personal and financial success. The people of Manchester have been well-served by an efficient and reliable financial institution which is committed to providing innovative and competitive products and ser- vices in a warm environment. The enhanced economic and social well-being of your members and, by extension, the parish of Manchester is testament to your commitment to delivering quality service. Organisations such as yours are important to our nation’s continued development, growth and success. I believe that the Manchester Co- operative Credit Union, buttressed by its core values, and fuelled by a passion for service, will grow expo- nentially and continue to play an im- portant role in nation-building. The work that you do contributes greatly to a prosperous economy, and will ultimately help to strengthen the foundation and provide additional resources to build a better Jamaica. Well done, and congratulations on this milestone of your 70th anniversary! HIS EXCELLENCY THE MOST HON SIR PATRICK ALLEN, ON, GCMG, CD, KStJ Governor General Work you do contributes greatly to the economy T HE MINISTRY of Industry, Investment and Commerce congratulates the Manchester Co-operative Credit Union Limited on attaining its 70th anniversary. This is a truly monumental accom- plishment and one which garners much respect and celebration. Having increased your client base over the years to 48,000 – includ- ing over 6,000 youth savers – with a combined total asset portfolio of over $7 billion, the Manchester Co- operative Credit Union has shown considerable growth since its incep- tion, and is certain to continue en- hancing the lives of residents in and around the parish of Manchester. The ministry values our respon- sibilities toward co-operative so- cieties such as your own, which provides the opportunity for many Jamaicans to build on their financial independence. Today, amid the challenges of the global pandemic and the grow- ing demand for virtual and online banking operations, I know that you strive to deliver excellent ser- vice. I am certain that regardless of these difficult times, your insti- tution will continue to grow and remain as significant as it was 70 years ago. As you move forward, I know you will always provide award-winning experiences and exceed the expec- tations of your members, while up- holding the vision and philosophy of your founders. Once again, the ministry con- gratulates you on this 70-year feat and we look forward to lending our continued support. AUDLEY SHAW, CD, MP Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Continue to exceed the members’ expectations MESSAGES