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ICHMOND PARK Preparatory

School has been in existence for

over 60 years, having started in

the early 1950s, but was registered

with the Ministry of Education in 1976.

The school began under the

leadership of Elsa Douglas with just a

handful of students.

When she passed on in 1965, the

school population had grown to about

30 students. The school was then taken

over by Hilma Douglas. It was during

this phase that the school grew

significantly in numbers, and by the

time of her demise in 2006, the

population had exceeded the 150

mark. One of Douglas’ daughters, Helen

Douglas, a teacher with almost 40

years’ experience and a former vice-

principal of Kingston College, assumed

the principalship and continues to serve

in that capacity today.

Richmond Park Preparatory has a

current enrolment of over 100

students with 10 full-time and two

part-time teachers.

There is a Pre-Kinder Department,

catering to children from two years

old. Here, the children are socialised

and taught the basic skills to prepare

them for the formal learning

programme in kindergarten.

The Kindergarten Department offers

children from three to five years old a

more structured programme, where

much of the learning takes place

through play and experimentation.

The Primary Department takes

children from ages six years (grade

one) through to grade six, where they

are prepared to sit the Grade Six

Achievement Test in preparation for

entry to high school.


The curriculum followed is that

prescribed by the Early Childhood

Commission (for the kindergarten

classes) and the Ministry of Education

for grades one to six, with a few

enhancement programmes added,

including information technology;

introduction to a foreign language –

French or Spanish; critical thinking –

taught through the game of chess;

and literature – to develop an

appreciation and love for reading.

Science is taught in a practical way in

an equipped science laboratory

through the demonstration and

execution of practical experiments,

thereby enabling the students to fully

understand the concepts taught.

Assessments are done on a regular

basis throughout the year, and formal

examinations are conducted at the

end of each term, thereby enabling

parents and teachers to measure the

students’ progress and offer necessary

interventions for improvement.

A report is prepared for each child

twice per year (December and June),

but other progress reports are sent

periodically, and regular meetings are

held with parents to discuss the

students’ general progress.

The school’s emphasis is on

academic achievement and it has an

enviable record as evidenced by the

results attained in the national Grade A

Literacy exams (100 per cent mastery

in 2013) as well as the Grade 6 GSAT

(100 per cent placement in traditional

high schools in 2013). Based on these

results, Richmond Park Preparatory

was ranked among the top five prep

schools in Jamaica in a survey

undertaken and published in February



Although Richmond Park Preparatory

stresses the importance of a high

academic standards, there are also

opportunities for further development

through extra-curricular activities,


Builders’ Club – (Junior arm of

the Kiwanis International). Our club is

supervised by the Kingston Chapter

and the students perform creditably

each year in the oratorical

competition held among

participating schools.

Spelling Club – Students are

encouraged to learn the spelling as

well as the meaning and origin of

words in a fun setting.

Science/Environmental Club –

Students learn to appreciate and

care for the environment, as well as

explore the world of science

through their own experimentation

and analysis.



Richmond Prep’s Chess Club

Richmond Preparatory School’s Science Club.


An enviable record of excellence

Faces of Richmond Preparatory School.