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Preparatory School is com-

mitted to ensuring a safe

learning and teaching environ-

ment for everyone, regardless

of their background. We cater

to children’s cognitive, social,

emotional, spiritual, and physical

well-being in a clean, safe, and

secure environment with a

friendly, loving, and caring staff.

In order to maintain our

high academic standards,

it’s important that we keep

classrooms orderly and produc-

tive so students can learn.

In keeping with our motto,

‘Educating Young Minds for

Better Vision’, we have creat-

ed a code of discipline to help

all of us achieve this goal.


Eber Kindergarten &

Preparatory was founded in

1998 by Cyril and Michelle

Ramson in Mt Salem, St James.

The school started with a total

of 15 students and two teachers

– Michelle Ramson, the princi-

pal, and Mrs Gooden, teacher.

The school was relocated to

Reading main road in St James

in September 2006, and then

to its present home in August

2013. Today, Eber Kindergarten

& Preparatory has a population

of over 270 students and 20

members of staff under the

guidance of Director Michelle

Ramson and Principal Merna


Our GSAT passes over the

years have proven that our

reliance on God, our Supreme

Guide, hard-working teachers,

and the never-give-up atti-

tude of our director, Michelle

Ramson, have empowered

and prepared our students,

who continue to excel

throughout the years.

Eber Kindergarten &

Preparatory has become a

school of choice for many

parents and children. The dif-

ferent extra-curricular activi-

ties continue to enhance our

students’ performance. Some

of these activities are swim-

ming, dance, music, martial

arts, culture club, football,

tennis, cricket, 4-H Club, and

spelling bee.

One of our most outstand-

ing accomplishments was

when Adriena Cribb copped

the Spelling Bee trophy for

the parish of St James in 2009.

In 2017, we were recognised as

the most outstanding school

at the Region 4 Literacy Fair.

The JCDC Festival of the

Performing Arts music category

is one area in which we excel.

For the last five years, we

have won over 80 medals,

inclusive of gold, silver and

bronze. In 2010 and 2012, we

were awarded Junior Music

Champions for the parish of

St James in the JCDC Festival

of the Performing Arts. We

have been invited to perform

at numerous civic ceremonies.

Our teachers are all trained,

but most important, they are

all Christians. We have weekly

prayer services, and harvest

and thanksgiving services.

We have committed our

entire operation to the Lord for

His continued leading and

directing as we ‘educate young

minds for better vision’.


As an institution of learning

focused on producing individ-

uals of excellence, we are

committed to providing for

the ethical, spiritual, emotional,

and intellectual development

of each student, which will

adequately prepare them with

the necessary skills for high

school and to succeed in our

fast-changing, multicultural,

and technological world.


To provide a loving and

secure environment with for-

mal education, and to assist in

the total growth and develop-

ment of each student, with

emphasis on moral values and

attitudes, as we strive to edu-

cate young minds for better

vision and to empower them

to move into the future

responsibly and confidently.





Educating young minds for better vision