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nestled in the quiet triangle

between Old Hope Road and Tom

Redcam Avenue, with entrances at 16

Old Hope Road and Tom Redcam Avenue

was started 75 years ago (January 1941)

by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany,

New York. They had a vision and brought

it to life with 50 students and two

teachers on the property that became

known as Alvernia, formerly called

Morenga Park, later becoming more

familiarly known as ‘Nuns Pen’.

The 25-acre property was a donation

to the Sisters by Henry D’Aquin, a rich

French man. It was originally meant to

be the dowry for his two daughters

who decided against marriage and

instead entered the convent.

The name Alvernia was adopted from

Mount La Verna, a mountain in Italy

where St Francis of Assisi, our patron

saint, as well as the patron saint of the

Sisters, who are a vital part of our

history, would go to contemplate the

beauty of God’s creation and to pray.

Prayer remains a vital and integral part

of our daily activities.

The Franciscan vision, which was to

educate students in all aspects of life,

has been kept alive since 1941. The

institution has grown from the two-

room board structure to a two-storey

concrete structure comprising well-

ventilated and spacious classrooms.

Guided by the principles, policies and

values of our founders – the

Franciscan Sisters of Allegany –

guidelines from the Archdiocesan

Education Board and the Ministry of

Education’s policies, a wholistic

approach is used in nurturing and

enriching the lives of the students

entrusted to our care. Here we

endeavour to develop rounded

individuals with respect for God and all

of creation who will become positive

nation builders. We seek to build a

community guided by Fransciscan

values based on the gospel, which

fosters and sustains a culture of

excellence as a way of life.

Our involvement in various events

over the years such as the Jamaica

Independent Schools’ Association (JISA)

Sports, JCDC Festival Competitions,

debate competitions, reading

competitions, chess competitions, the

Kingston and St Andrew Parish Library

Reading Competition (to name a few)

has served to broaden and enrich the

experiences of our students for the

benefit of mankind.

Donations to Father Ho Lung’s (a past

student) organisation, MOP brothers,

the Bustamante Hospital for Children,

Mustard Seed Community, the Jamaica

Cancer Society, the Heart Foundation of

Jamaica, and others speaks to one of

the core values of our mission

statement promoted in our school. This

value, ‘understanding’, is exemplified in

our passion for the young and sick.

Our motto, ‘Our Gifts Are Varied But

The Spirit Is The Same’, speaks to the

importance of each child being treated

as the individual he or she is while being

part of a whole-group experience.

Through God’s continued guidance and

grace, we will continue to heed the

words of Arthur Ashe, which state,”From

what we get, we can make a living; what

we give, however, makes a life.”

Strength and a bright hope for the

many tomorrows is envisaged with God as

our guide. As the Alvernia flag continues

to fly high in the winds of time, we will

continue to cultivate and nurture an

attitude of excellence for our students,

parents, and the broader community,

with the Franciscan Sisters by our side.

2017 Parish Champion – Kingston and

St Andrew Parish Library Reading



75 years shaping young minds