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Preparatory and Extension

High School came into

existence on September 1, 2000.

Prior to this date, Ardenne

Preparatory School and Ardenne

Extension High School were two

separate entities managed by the

same board of governors. Both

institutions shared the same

physical plant, with the

preparatory school in session from

7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. daily and

the extension high school from

12:30 to 5:05 p.m. Neither school

satisfied the Ministry of

Education’s requirement for

contact hours, i.e., the number of

hours the teachers meet with

students on any given day. This

resulted in the school being at a

disadvantage when compared

with similar schools. In order to

address this situation, it became

necessary to streamline

administrative functions and

expand the co-curricular

programme. The merger of both

institutions became necessary.

In the early years, the two

schools were registered as a single

entity, Ardenne Preparatory and

Evening Institute. However, each

functioned independently, and in

1996, the Ministry of Education

registered them as separate

schools. Now, they come together

as one.


Ardenne Preparatory School was

established in 1974 when the Rev

Rupert Lawrence sought and gained

the permission of the then Ardenne

High School Board and the

Executive Council of the church to

start a private school that would

serve as a feeder school for

Ardenne High. Premises at 37 Hope

Road, which previously housed the

Jamaica Bible Institute, were

identified for the location of the

school. Lawrence served as the first

chairman of the board. Both

Lawrence and Lily Brown dedicated

themselves to the task of

establishing the school, and they

secured the services of Daphnie

Bailey, who was appointed principal.

It was Brown who developed the


Nil Nisi Optimum Hic Est


– ‘Nothing but the best is

done here’.

The school started with 100

students on roll and was housed in

the current administrative block,

which had to undergo extensive

repairs to make it comfortable for

the children. The school grew in

numbers, and in 1993, enrolment

increased to 560, causing the

board to take the decision to

reduce enrolment to 400, which

was the number of students that

could be comfortably

accommodated at that time. The

current enrolment is 434.

History of Ardenne




previously known as Excell Learning Centre, which

opened its doors in September 1989 with seven

students. This institution was the brainchild of

Daphne Holness, a trained teacher with a passion

for education and children.

The school was located on the property of the

Mandeville Church of God, utilising the space in an

adjoining building.

Over the years, the school has grown while

meeting the needs of the Mandeville community

for primary education at a minimal cost.

Prior to her retirement in 2008, Holness made an

offer to the Church of God in Jamaica to assume

ownership and management of the school as she

did not want to see it close its doors.

The church took over complete ownership and

responsibility for the school in July 2010, with a

population of approximately 50 students.

Under new management, the school was

accepted as a member of the Ardenne Group of

Schools, and in 2014, the school was rebranded

Ardenne Preparatory Mandeville. The growth and

the interest in the school from the community

were tremendous as they embraced the

‘Ardenne’ brand in Mandeville.

This entity now occupies the buildings owned by

the Church of God, previously used for the

conference centre.

The school enjoys collaboration with other entities of

the Church of God, especially the Leadership Training

Institute and the Mandeville Church of God.


With the renewed thrust, the population

continued to increase to over 200 students in

2016, and numbers have continued to grow

steadily, and it has become necessary to expand

the existing facilities to accommodate additional

classroom and bathroom spaces.

The evolution of the school is not only evident in

the expansion in the numbers and physical

facilities, but also in the programmes that have

been offered to enhance the curriculum. Such

programmes as music and information technology

and the inclusion of clubs and societies are assisting

to develop the necessary skills of the 21st-century


Our spiritual focus has also been intensified,

with the provision spiritual guidance for each

child through the daily worship exercises and our

Christian Emphasis Week as we seek to provide

high-quality education in a Christian



The two become one