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T WAS through the vision of

Albert Temeir Karram (now

deceased) that Dunrobin

Preparatory was founded in

1956. As a member and leader in

the Associated Gospel

Assemblies, schools were, for over

40 years, his ministry to God.

Located at 15-17 Dunrobin

Avenue, Dunrobin Christian

Academy, formerly Dunrobin

Preparatory, stands as a

symbol of hope in a society of

declining values and attitudes.

The school’s name was

changed to Dunrobin

Christian, Academy in 2015.

The Dunrobin Christian

Academy programme offers a

safe and stimulating

environment in which children

develop socially, emotionally,

creatively, physically, and

academically. Under the

chairmanship of Christopher

Emanuel, the day-to-day

administration of the school is

in the hands of the principal,

Karren Goulbourne. She is

assisted by a talented,

dedicated, caring team works

very hard to ensure that the

abilities of the children in its

care are nurtured and

carefully developed.

Dunrobin Christian Academy

is one of the 64 prep schools

performing ‘above average’

in Jamaica, and as such is

considered by Educate Jamaica

a ‘gold-standard school’.

Dunrobin Christian Academy,

in partnership with parents and

students, seeks to cultivate the

highest standards, promoting

each child’s strengths and

talents with the goal of fulfilling

our motto of producing life-

long learners.

An appreciation of the

importance of learning a

foreign language is supported

from a very early age, with the

introduction of Spanish in

grade one, continuing

through grade six.


We have a vibrant and

energetic parent-teacher

association that works

tirelessly with the school in a

variety of areas of school life.

Class representatives ensure

that home-school communi-

cation channels are maintained.

Most parents are actively

involved in fund-raising activities,

in attending assemblies, and in

accompanying teachers on field

trips. Grade meetings and

individual conferences provide a

framework for reporting learning

progress, and written reports are

distributed twice per term.

We foster a climate of caring

and contributing to the wider

society, while promoting pride

in our school. Our students are

also encouraged to focus on

strong Christian values.

Each classroom has access

to internet service. There is a

computer lab, a library, and a

resource room as well as

separate specialist-area rooms

for art, drama, music, and life

skills. There is also an outdoor


One of the very attractive

aspects of Dunrobin life is the

wide variety of extra-curricular

activities in both sporting and

non-sporting areas, all supervised

by teachers or parents with

expertise in their fields.

For parents considering

Dunrobin as your choice, we

look forward to meeting with

you and discussing the

education of your children as

we commit ourselves to

diligence and continue to

achieve excellence.


A gold-standard school

Students from Dunrobin Christian Academy.