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EAM JPS is excited to bring our unique ‘flavour’ and

energy to the 13th annual culinary celebration that is

Restaurant Week (RW)!

As the newest member of a

vibrant team of sponsors, we

revel in the opportunity to

publicly acknowledge the role

RW continues to play in

broadening the scope of our

palates by making dining out

more fun and affordable. At

JPS, we take seriously our

mandate to facilitate the

growth and prosperity of

Jamaica; participating in an

event that galvanises foodies islandwide to provide a significant

uptick in the fortunes of our Restaurants helps us to do just that!

It’s not just about the food. We will use this opportunity to

introduce our customers to the app they will never want to

live without. MyJPS Mobile is our new mobile app you

should download, even if you do not pay a light bill! You can

view, report and track outages in real time, track your

consumption, pay and review bills, and so much more. PLUS

during our RW promotion, you could win FREE

ELECTRICITY leading up to RW and maybe even have

your entire electricity bill ‘comp’d’ if you show us the app on

your phone at select restaurants during RW.

Look out for Team JPS at your favourite spot and you

could be in for electrifying surprises!

Bon appétit.



| NOVEMBER 10-18, 2017


Dine easier and more

secure with MultiLink

for Restaurant Week



bubbling to a fragrant boil in

grandma’s kitchen, or the

early morning familiar comfort of

forkfuls of our national dish, ackee and

saltfish; be it weekend trips to Hellshire,

St Catherine for seafood eats, or

heading east to Boston, Portland to

enjoy the spicy kick of our world-

famous jerk, the Jamaican food

experience is a complex mix of tastes,

traditions and trends.

Steadfastly proud of our food

heritage, the more adventurous

Jamaican also embraces new culinary

experiences. And, with the annual

staging of Restaurant Week, running

from November 10 to 18 this year,

curious foodies are afforded the chance

to whet their taste buds at a host of

fine-dining restaurants, cafes, ethnic-

themed eateries, and sports bar lounges.

MultiLink, Jamaican wholly-owned

and largest debit payment network, is

pleased to join the 13th annual

celebration of culinary access that

Restaurant Week promotes. With over

1.2 million unique debit card holders

through over 760 ABM and over

14,000 merchant points across the

country, it’s faster, easier and secure

for diners to pay for whatever meal

they plan to enjoy during the

weeklong event.

With more than 80 participating

restaurants spread across eight parishes,

Restaurant Week is a welcome calendar

event that serves up delicious

opportunities to dine out. Jamaicans

can feel confident that they can Roll

with Control using MultiLink wherever

their appetites take them.

Please visit our Facebook page,

, for

Restaurant Week dining tips and


JPS brings great energy and flavour