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| NOVEMBER 10-18, 2017




a Jamaica Exporters’ Association

top exporter, and a leading

purveyor of premium-grade Jamaica Blue

Mountain Coffee, is proud to be participating

in Restaurant Week 2017. With roots going

back over 250 years, Wallenford is trusted

globally for superior quality coffee.

With hints of caramel and chocolate,

Wallenford coffee is known for its perfectly

balanced taste, and amazing aroma. Once

customers try Wallenford, they become loyal

consumers who grow to expect in every cup

of Wallenford, a flavour experience that is

unmatched in the world of coffee. We are

proud to hold this position and are excited

to provide a chance for many more

Jamaicans to share this experience during

Restaurant Week.

Wallenford’s unique flavour profile is a

key reason that we are the provider of

choice coffee for Harrods in London, the

world’s most well known luxury store, and

our coffee tops the menu board at

Starbucks’ high-end Reserve Stores around

the world. Our coffee production process is

known for our team’s use of scientific and

agronomic analysis in ensuring perfection

from seed to cup. Our staff has unmatched

experience and are proud to leverage that to

deliver consistency to customers.

We ship large amounts of coffee globally

and have a significant presence in online

sales channels in the US. We supply local

restaurants and cafes and we also provide

home delivery across Jamaica to members of

our Coffee Club. To satisfy increased

demand, we are now launching our superior

coffee at finer supermarkets islandwide.

We are looking forward to a successful

Restaurant Week and are happy to be the

official coffee partner.


T’S TRUE – food is better when paired

with a cocktail. But, an exotic cocktail

made with Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice is

sure to take your taste buds on a culinary

journey of unforgettable flavours, with each

sip taking you on a delicious adventure. This

is why Ocean Spray is back for Restaurant

Week 2017 – to allow you to feel the goodness

of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice by meeting

the ever-growing demands of your taste buds.

There’s an Ocean Spray-inspired cocktail

drink for every mood or occasion. This can

be credited to the refreshingly sweet but

mild tart flavour of Ocean Spray Cranberry

Juice, making it an exceptionally versatile

drink that can stand on its own or transform

traditional cocktail mixes.

‘Malibu Paradise’, for example, is a

combination of Ocean Spray Cranberry

Juice, coconut rum, vodka and apple juice,

perfect for night time dining. Or, indulge

your taste buds with a classic ‘Sea Breeze’,

which is a mixture of chilled Ocean Spray

Cranberry Juice, grapefruit juice and vodka

– a must-have for midday bites. Or, enjoy

the bold, crisp taste of Ocean Spray

Cranberry Juice by itself and get your daily

dose of vitamin C and unique cranberry

health benefits in the most delicious ways.

So think outside the glass this Restaurant

Week. Feel the goodness and drink your

heart out with Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.

Distributed by Pepsi-Cola Jamaica,

leading non-alcoholic beverage

manufacturers and suppliers, pair your

Delectable meals or transform your

cocktails with Ocean Spray’s suite of

flavours, including Cran-Grape, Cran-

Raspberry, Cran-Strawberry, Cran-Cherry,

White Cranberry, White Cran-Peach and

White Cran-Strawberry.


Ocean Spray is an agricultural co-op made

up of more than 700 cranberry growers in the

USA, Canada, and Chile that have helped

maintain a family farming lifestyle for

generations. Founded in 1930, it is currently

the largest producer of cranberry juice,

cranberry beverages and dried cranberries, as

well as the brand with the largest sales in the

stable shelf juice category in the USA.

Ocean Spray’s cranberries are currently used

in more than 1,000 great-tasting products and

can be found in over 100 countries across the

world. With over 2,200 employees and close to

20 receiving stations, Ocean Spray has the

commitment to conduct business in a

respectful way for the communities, their

employees, and the environment.

A treat for coffee

lovers from Wallenford

Feel the goodness of

Ocean Spray Cranberry

Juice this Restaurant Week