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BSOLUT VODKA will be in everyone’s

glass during Restaurant Week 2017 for the

third consecutive year. Established in 1879,

Absolut is one of the most famous vodkas worldwide,

ranked among the top five globally. Since its US launch,

this unique spirit has completely redefined the premium

vodka landscape, becoming synonymous with art, culture,

and nightlife – the essence of Restaurant Week.

This year, Absolut Vodka will again take the stage,

showcasing its signature cocktails at participating restaurants.

Your meal just won’t be complete without Absolut in your glass!

By starting a revolution in cocktail creation and launching a

range of innovative offerings, Absolut has become a world icon

for diverse flavours that dance on the tongue. From November 10-18,

sample the newest flavour, Absolut Lime – smooth, rich and very

fresh, with a distinct note of freshly pressed lime and a slightly

sweet and fruity finish. It will be the perfect complement to your

next classic drink, with a refreshing twist.

And if you’re eating in, use Absolut to mix your signature

cocktail and take Restaurant Week home with you. For the

past 13 years, Restaurant Week has been the premier food

festival in Jamaica with some 75 participating restaurants

from across the island, serving on average 40,000 diners

per year. Check out Select Brands and Restaurant

Week on social media for more information and a

chance to win numerous prizes!



| NOVEMBER 10-18, 2017