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| NOVEMBER 10-18, 2017



N 2015, Guardian General Insurance Co

Ltd, a member of the Guardian Group,

introduced its 15 over 5 corporate social

responsibility initiative. This project saw the

company spending approximately $3 million

per year on safety needs in school’s


To date, the company has given various

assistance to Mountain View Primary,

Allman Town Primary and Balmagie

Primary School in Kingston; Kilmarnock

Basic School in St Elizabeth; and most

recently, Airy Castle Primary in St Thomas.

The contributions to the enrichment of the

schools included painting, general clean-up,

building of skips for proper garbage disposal,

erection of a bathroom (including the

purchase of toilets, face basins and a tank

for running water), and most recently, the

purchase of a industrial stove for Airy

Castle Primary, which lost its canteen,

library and computer room to a fire.

In a discussion with Sheraley Bridgeman,

vice-president of business development at

Guardian General Jamaica, she expressed

that the project was the brainchild of their

president, Karen Bhoorasingh. She stated

that Guardian General Management and

staff are very passionate about this five-year

initiative. The little things make a

difference to a child’s learning ability,

and as such they need proper learning



Without a clean and colorful space, we

cannot expect them to be at their optimum.

They need toilets and basins as hygiene is

very important, especially when you have so

many children in one place. For the rural

schools, the teacher has to take the child to

use the pit latrine, which could see a class

being disrupted for at least 20 times

throughout the day.

Guardian General’s latest project saw

them journeying to Airy Castle in St

Thomas. They had heard that the school

had a fire, which left them in need, and as

such, the Guardian team went to find out

how they could be of assistance. Their

donation of a stove will see the school once

again being able to supply lunch for its more

than 200 registered students. Ms Bridgeman

commented that several students journey

from far to get to school, some without

having a healthy breakfast in the mornings.

With the donation of a stove to Airy Castle

Primary, it will ensure that every child

enrolled can receive a nutritious meal daily.

Guardian General intends to do their part

in giving back to the schools in Jamaica as

they believe this is where it all begins. Our

children are our future. Live Safe, Live Easy.

Gas Pro – Loyal

and reliable


ASSYGAS Products (Ja) Limited (Gas

Pro) is the leading supplier of Liquefied

PetroleumGas (LPG) to the Restaurant

Sector. We were one of the early sponsors of

RestaurantWeek, having been on board since its

inception. Once again, we are pleased to

celebrate with the island’s culinary community

and its patrons, as we ‘Eat Our Hearts Out!’

Many of the participating restaurants are

Gas Pro’s business partners, and throughout

the year, we provide them with technical

support, safe and efficient storage solutions,

and importantly, reliable supply to keep

them cooking.

Whether dining out or at home, Gas

Pro assures our customers of reliability of

supplies with significant emphasis on

safety. Gas Pro has been recognised as a

leader in safety in the petroleum industry

and currently holds the Minister’s Trophy

for most safety-aware petroleum

marketing company.

Our customers access our products with

ease at over 2,000 Gas Pro locations

islandwide, and can call us toll free at

1-888-4-GAS-PRO, where our

representatives will facilitate your refill

orders, switch overs, or new installations.


Guardian General

giving schools a

boost with ‘15 over 5’

A section of the Airy Castle Primary

School that was destroyed by fire.

The Guardian General Insurance team presents Airy Castle Primary with a

brand-new stove.