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| NOVEMBER 10-18, 2017


Gustazos – Top of the class

Herald Printers – Best in the business


HE HERALD Printers

Limited was incorporated in

1922, originally dubbed the

‘Temple of Fashion Printery’. It

was located on Tower Street and

provided letterpress and

publication services to many

businesses and individual clients

at that time.

Centrally located in the

downtown business district, the

company is close to such landmarks

as Institute of Jamaica, the

National Library, the Air Jamaica

Building and, most recently, the

Digicel headquarters.

Our values and traditions are

maintained with original letterpress

to offset lithography, and now, the

latest in digital printing services.

Full graphic design, computer-to-

film, and computer-to-plate outline

our innovative, precise and modern

infrastructure to efficiently surpass

our customers’ demands and

continue to lead the industry. We

also have a full range of binding

and finishing services.

Extraordinary services include,

but are not limited to, free design

(up to two hours), free

consultation, and free islandwide

delivery. We also offer a client print

concierge that keeps clients

updated on their projects and

orders in production. We realise

that clients trust us to deliver on

our promise to be ‘more than just a

printer’, and we proudly set

ourselves the task of surpassing the

client’s expectation. We go that

extra mile. The Herald has always

been a ‘personal printer’, where

face-to-face communication/

consultation, and our caring and

consultative approach have set us

apart from our competitors.

High-quality offset printing:

Menus, order pads, place mats,

brochures, calendars, labels

Digital printing:

Tent cards, recipe

cards, business cards, reward cards,

flyers, stationery

Large format printing:


wrap, feather banners, pull-up

banners, signs, and more

We print on anything – PVC,

wood, glass, aluminiun.


HAT DOES ‘Gustazos’

mean? Gustazos is a

Spanish word that means

‘a special treat’ or ‘a unique luxury’.

ICD is proud to announce the

launch of Gustazos Jamaica via .

ICD recently

partnered with Social Media, LLC,

the parent company of the

Gustazos brand and worldwide

leader in eCommerce in the

Caribbean and Central America.

Gustazos has global Facebook

fans numbering over 1 million

people. Gustazos Jamaica has more

than 26,000 fans and has grown by

more than 1,500 new fans since the

recent launch. To date, Gustazos

globally has saved users more than

US$100 million.

Gustazos Jamaica launched the

first 2015 marketing campaign with

D’Next Step, which sold out in

under 24 hours. It was soon

followed by a sold-out deal of 500

vouchers for St Mary’s Wataland.

Several other Gustazos deals have

also gone live on the website,

including Tracks & Records, Opa

Greek Restaurant, Luxury Bahia

Principe, and Secrets Resorts, with

many more to follow.


Gustazos merchants are able to

market their business to a wide local

audience by using their products and

services to leverage marketing

equity. The business model is similar

to the worldwide phenomenon

started by Groupon in late 2008.

Gustazos was started in San

Juan, Puerto Rico, in 2011 and

operates in a number of countries

across the region, including

Panama and the Dominican

Republic. Gustazos’ marketing

promotions are things you love at

prices you don’t expect.

The concept of Gustazos Jamaica is

simple – providing people with an

easy-to-navigate website that

publishes daily promotions with

discounts from 50% to 90% at partner

restaurants, hotels, attractions, spas,

shops, and other merchants, allowing

locals to experience the best Jamaica

has to offer.

We realise that

clients trust us to

deliver on our

promise to be

‘More than just a

Printer’, and we

proudly set

ourselves the task

of surpassing

the client’s