Royal Medical Centre

THE GLEANER, THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 2021 | | F2 ROYALE MEDICAL 25TH ANNIVERSARY I T IS my delightful duty to express congratulations to the management and staff of the Royale Medical Company on this your 25th anniversary celebrations. Your facility, with its wide range of highly trained professionals and a willingness to upgrade to the ever-dynamic technological advancements, has been able to respond positively to the medical needs of those who seek same. Recognising that the public health institutions are not always able to competently meet the demands of the populace, you have for these years served as a beacon of hope and inspiration to thousands in the parish as well as the wider community, and even those from outside our shores. Your holistic approach to the medical interventions which you offer, has caused not just physical and psychological healing, but as well a spiritual renewal in the lives of many. May your institution continue to be a burning torch, and a beacon in these challenging and oftentimes dark days. Every success, now and in the future. REV CANON HARTLEY PERRIN Custos of Westmoreland Beacon of hope to many THE 25-YEAR journey of our lives at the Royale Medical Company spans the era between June 1996 and June 2021. It has been a blessed journey indeed, and we must pause to give thanks to the Almighty, who is our reason for serving and our source of survival. We pause to say thanks to our hard-working and exceptional team in all departments. We strongly believe that ‘ teamwork makes the dream work’. We say thanks to our managerial and administrative staff, our doctors, nurses, receptionists, security staff, technicians and, by no means least, our ancillary staff. We must also give thanks for our board of directors and all who work closely with us to inform and sensitise us on current issues. We must highlight those who have been with us on the journey, from the inception of the company to the present time of 25 years. We pause to celebrate Sis Barbara McKenzie, Miss Monica Ewart and Miss Jesenta Letman, who started the journey with us and celebrate 25 years of stellar achievement of excellence in customer service while working at the Royale with Dr Nepaul and myself. As we complete this leg of the journey, we continue to serve with dignity and humble pride, recognising also that you, our valued customers, have played your role in keeping us in service to Jamaica, and we depend on you to continue with us. Hence, we celebrate you as our special partners. The journey continues and Royale Medical Company anticipates continued growth and development of this centre with your help, knowing that TEAM spells: ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. FROM OUR FOUNDERS Dr Evan Nepaul and Mrs Theresa Nepaul Dr Evan Nepaul, MBBS, DM, FACOG, FRCOG, JP (right) and Mrs Theresa J. Nepaul, JP. BEFORE WE can speak about the Royale Medical Company, it is essential to first know how it all started. “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Joel A. Barker. Royale Medical was built on this foundation. Although the physical building broke ground in 1996, Bishop Zachariah Nepaul, Dr Evan Nepaul’s father, had already purchased the land decades before. This prescient purchase was the start of the medical company that would reshape the parish of Westmoreland and our island in general. Here at Royale, we honour Bishop Z. Nepaul’s vision and his legacy by operating daily as a company with a spirit of excellence, a mind of integrity, and the heart of a giver. Most notably, we consistently make conscious and visible efforts to exude our spirit, mind and heart to both the staff and our patients. This constant reminder of our ethics and standards created a culture in which we now thrive. We value our culture, as it keeps us focused on the two most important things in our business: the customer (our patients) and the staff (our team). We have cultivated amanagement style that is centred on mutual respect and genuine empathy. We believe that if our team feels heard, then they in turn will hear; and so, we the directors listen. If we try to understand their needs and follow through with it to the best of our ability, then they in turn will try to understand the needs of our patients and follow through as well. If we treat our staff as family (as we call ourselves, ‘The Royale Family’), then the staff will treat our patients as family as well. It is of no surprise that Royale Medical Company has a very low attrition rate. In fact, some of our employees, such as Miss Letman, Nurse Barbara McKenzie and Miss Monica Ewart, among others, have been with us since the very beginning. It is simply as a result of our attested dedication to our spirit of excellence, ourmind of integrity, and, ultimately, our sharing the heart of a giver. Our staff is our pride, and serving our patients is our joy. Conducive to the needs of our patients, we offer a wide variety of services. Some of our services include: general medical care; ear, nose and throat services; gynaecology; obstetrics; general surgery; dermatology; oncology and haematology; orthopaedics; physiotherapy; podiatry; urology; and laboratory services. We have a fully equipped and updated operating theatre in which our surgeons are able to carry out intricate and specialised surgical procedures. In addition to our state-of-the-art equipment and some of the most skilled medical practitioners in our country, we strive for the comfort of our patients. Our air-conditioned rooms, as well as our waiting lounge and other areas, make visiting the doctor less of a chore, and a much more pleasant experience. As we grow as a company, we hope to be able to serve everyone with more pride and joy. Royale Medical’s philosophy is, ‘With God as guide; to provide optimal medical care, to all who use the facility, with integrity, and without prejudice, and always being mindful that it is not just about profits, but making lives profitable’. AWARDS • Medical Association of Jamaica – Best Customer Service Award; • The Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce award for Outstanding Services in the Field of Medicine; • Grabham Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology – Outstanding Service in Gynaecology (to Dr Evan Nepaul); • Medical Association of Jamaica – National Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Medicine in Jamaica • Western Regional Health Authority – Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Long Service (to Dr Evan Nepaul) From the desk of the new generation – Jon-Joseph and Daniel Nepaul