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NAME OF FEATURE | THE GLEANER | THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022 8 SCHOLARSHIPS TO GO FEATURE | THE GLEANER | THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022 JAMAICA ENERGY PARTNERS GROUP TESTIMONIALS BEING A part of the JEP family has helped build my character and amplify the importance of community. This scholarship does more than grant you the opportunity to pursue higher education; it gives you a fair chance at freedom. The freedom to explore your passions, mould your dreams and embody excellence. Members of the company led with empathy and looked at the humanistic aspect of the scholarship, lending a helping hand when challenging times were faced, and for this, I am grateful. This is your green light and I would encourage you to send in an application. You have absolutely nothing to lose but a brighter future to gain. Jadeja James, Jamaica Energy Partners Scholarship Recipient CONTRIBUTED Jadeja James THE PURSUIT of my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at The University of the West Indies, Mona, has been a very interesting journey. It has taught me how to be flexible and open-minded. The challenging programme also urgedme to think critically while ensuring that the fundamental concepts are understood. My first year was the most difficult, as I had to adjust to the new requirements of undergraduate studies. However, the friends that I made, and lecturers’ assistance helped me to overcome the struggles. Additionally, the wide range of clubs not only in engineering but UWI, in general, provided a setting for many networking opportunities. Another obstacle that I faced was the COVID-19 pandemic in my second year. The switch to online learning at home was a drastic one that further forced me to enhance my ability to work in various situations. Even though the conditions still exist, clubs and societies were able to host events to keep students engaged, making the experience feel wholesome. The Faculty of Engineering equipped me with the skills required to enter the labour market, and it would not have been possible without the financial aid that I received from Jamaica Energy Partners. Adrian Taylor, Jamaica Energy Partners Scholarship Recipient. CONTRIBUTED Adrian Taylor CONDENSING ALL three years of my BSc in computer science into a paragraph was a challenge. My university journey was greatly made possible through the relentless support of West Kingston Power Partners (WKPP), and I am deeply grateful. The lesson that stood out is the fact that we need each other. Helen Keller beautifully said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” University has its challenges, but I am always guided by my quote, “Never be afraid to take on challenges, because they will strengthen you in the end.” Many challenges arose in accomplishing my goals. One of them was adapting to online classes. It was motivating to know that I had the support ofWKPP. Some of my friends would say that university taught themwhat they need for their careers, but I believe it taught me about life. University education has givenme the knowledge and confidence to pursue my dreams. Therefore, like the dreamer Walt Disney, I try to remember,” When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” Phillip Llewellyn, Jamaica Energy Partners Scholarship Recipient. CONTRIBUTED Phillip Llewellyn BEING Amedical student has been themost challenging but thrilling and fulfilling experience of my life. Each academic year was unique, and I adjusted my approaches based on my objectives. Throughout my time at the university, I remained goal-oriented to graduate with an honours degree. The most astonishing part of my experience was my transition from being a nonchalant high-school graduate to an all-rounded, compassionate being. Patient interactions and rotating through the different hospitals have helpedme to blossom my appreciation for life. I entered medical school in 2016 with no idea about how I would be able to pay the tuition fee annually. I am now about to graduate, which is a testament of perseverance, patience, and determination. Nonetheless, I was still able to maintain my mental well-being with the support of my family. Additionally, I have learned that asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness. Organisation is essential to decrease the risk of being flustered by the amount of information, and there is no clear-cut approach to medical school. I am proud of the trials I faced, reflecting on my journey as I move towards the end of one chapter to the beginning of the next. Shannon Chang Shannon Chang, Jamaica Energy Partners Scholarship Recipient. CONTRIBUTED