Sports Development Foundation REGUPOL RUNNING TRACKS FOR CHAMPIONS At the 2009 World Athletics Championships, Usain Bolt demonstrated his exceptional ability in setting his world records on the blue REGUPOL tartan track at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Only a year later, he and his sprint colleagues from the “Racers Track Club“ were training on a REGUPOL surface, delivered and installed by REGUPOL on the campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Kingston, Jamaica. Since 2009 REGUPOL and Usain Bolt have an advertising agreement. REGUPOL running track - UWI Mona, Kingston, Jamaica I ran my World Records on a REGUPOL track, the fastest track surface in the world. - Usain Bolt PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GLEANER COMPANY (MEDIA) LIMITED • 7 NORTH STREET • KINGSTON • JAMAICA