Tribute to Karen Smith Jamaican song bird

THE GLEANER, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 | | E2 TRIBUTE TO KAREN SMITH I AM AN EXPRESSION OF UNLIMITED SPIRIT “Sometimes I identify so closely with my day- to-day life that I lose sight of my divine nature. Today I remember and reclaim who I am. I am limitless Spirit expressing uniquely at the point of me. I boldly affirm: I am not my body; I am the one who lives in my body. I am not my emotions; I am the one who feels my feelings. I am not my thoughts; I am the thinker of my thoughts. Beyond and behind the physical, emotional, and mental activity is the real me. Indwelling Spirit is unlimited, infinite, and boundless. That is who I am. I live in perfect harmony with my divine identity. I speak the mindful expression of my I AM with affirming, empowering words. I am whole. I am peaceful. I am loving. I am prosperous. I am blessed. I am a beloved child of God. I am grateful.” – Daily Word The above is the essence of who Karen was as my dear wife, my confidante and life partner. You are still with me in spirit, and I am at peace because I know you are at peace. Your loving husband, Jackie My dearest Karen, My only child, My best friend, My angel, “How do I love you? Let me count the ways.” WE HAVE been together for most of our lives. Your father died when you were two years old, and the only times we were apart were when you attended university in Canada and the year you spent singing in Las Vegas. When you were a very little girl, you said, “Mummy, I am never going to leave you.” You have lived up to that promise. God found you a husband who was willing to live with his mother-in-law, and the rest is history. Karen, your love enfolded me. You told everyone howmuch you loved your mother, and I will be eternally grateful for the years we spent together. When you were in prep school, you told me that during a class, the students were asked to name their best friend. You told them that your best friend was your mother, and this was a surprise to most of your classmates. Your generosity had no boundaries. You had such a kind heart. You knew how to make people feel loved, important, special, whether by a touch, a smile, a hug, a kind word. You shared yourself with people and that made your performances stand out in their memories. You were generous with your time and talent. Many are the churches and schools that have called to tell me howmany years you assisted them in fundraising or other events, singly or with your group of singing friends. I have been told that you sometimes gave up paid opportunities in order to fulfil charitable engagements. You were generous with your money. You never missed an opportunity to ‘stretch your hand’ to the boys at the traffic lights, to people who needed to fill a prescription, to help with school fees, and to some who I thought just felt that you were rich. A representative of one of the bands which regularly accompanied you, told me that because of your charisma and charm, they nicknamed you ‘Miss Personality’. You always told them thanks at the end of your shows. Karen, I am proud of the life you have lived. I thank God that he used me to raise such an extraordinary human being. You were an angel who was only lent to us. You accomplished your assignment and God has called you home. Your name will live on in the scholarships and other memorials which are being set up to honour you. Sleep well, my love. From your mother, Barbara My dearest Karen MYMOTHERwas an inspiration tomany –me included. Thereweremanymoments in life where she was my guiding light; it felt right to only follow her advice. One of my favourite hobbies was to make her laugh; her smile could light up a stadium field. She wasn’t very fussy about clothes and material things, but she was always very fussy about her craft. Through her example, I learnt to take pride in the fact that my purpose in this worldwas to bring joy to people through entertainment. She knew what set her apart from other entertainers and she never forgot; she knewher worth and “nobody couldn’t lilly up her ting”. She is forever with us. – Daughter Courtni Jackson SHE IS FOREVER WITH US Karen Smith and daughter Courtni Jackson. She wasn’t very fussy about clothes and material things, but she was always very fussy about her craft.