ASJ Anniversary

5 THE GLEANER | SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2019 THE ASSOCIATION of Anaesthetists in Jamaica (AAJ) joins the rest of the medical fraternity in paying hom- age to the Association of Surgeons in Jamaica (ASJ) on the occasion of achieving the milestone of 60 years of existence. Congratulations to the ASJ and its membership for the leadership role it has played in the development of medicine in Jamaica since its inception in 1958. It is noteworthy that this or- ganisation pre-dated the birth of the Jamaican nation, and there is no doubt that the ASJ has made a seminal contribution to national progress and development. From its position at the van- guard of the health education and healthcare delivery efforts in Jamaica and the Caribbean, this august body of some of the coun- try’s brightest and best has worked with purpose to actualise its pri- mary mission of improvingmedical care in the Caribbean. They have focused on the development of a detailed analysis of health research management in Jamaica, with the aim to provide doctors and other healthcare professionals with an administrative overview of health issues that affect patients within hospitals in the Caribbean and other parts of the world. The symbiosis between surgeons and anaesthetic professionals is one of the most celebrated in medicine. Each profession literally owes its existence and development to the presence of the other. The surgeon’s scalpel is the symbol of his or her quest to restore health to patients. The role of the anaesthetist as the protector and preserver of the patient while the surgical process is being undertaken, literally makes the process possible. Needless to say, if the surgeon had no knife, the anaesthetic professional would have no raison d’etre. It is therefore from a proximate vantage point that the AAJ salutes the ASJ on the achievement of this important landmark. Six decades of contribution and leadership of an important sector of national de- velopment is worthy of note and we are proud to have stood with you during this time. It is our hope that the ASJ continues its sterling work in the Jamaican healthcare landscape, and we pledge our steadfast support of your quest to lead Jamaica along the cutting edge of global healthcare development. DR BRIAN JAMES President AAJ 60 years of existence MESSAGES the history and achievements of the ASJ and your tremendous impact. It creates the context within which to chart the course to achieve your ultimate mission to improve surgical care in the Caribbean; with present and new technologies, the possibilities are endless. The NAJ thereof wishes for the present and future exec- utive abundant success in this regard. As you look to the future, our members will continue to work with your members to ensure Jamaicans live longer, healthier, happier and fruitful lives. As you move forward into the next decade, we trust that you will become stronger, be- cause of the respect the ASJ has earned for striving to improve your profession and the health of the Jamaican people. Your accomplishment is the result of hard work, courage and strong determination. Continue to push your limitations, you have already made the unthinkable possible, so continue to serve with pride. The NAJ would like to once again commend all mem- bers, including past executive members who have built the ASJ into one of the most prestigious associations. You can be proud that your efforts have made a lasting, positive contribution to the well-being of the populace, and not only in Jamaica, but from the Caribbean and other territories. You have made many families happier and hopeful. A big congratulation from the NAJ, and please accept our best wishes for continued success in the years to come! CARMEN JOHNSON President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica ASJ CONTINUED FROM 4 ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS IN JAMAICA 60TH ANNIV SARY FEATURE: THE SUNDAY GLEANER MAGAZINE | MARCH 3, 2019