Scholarship To Go 2020

NAME OF FEATURE | THE GLEANER | TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2020 28 THE GL ANER’S SCHOLARSHIPS TO G O VM FOUNDATION TESTIMONIAL Kerri-Ann Mew: Growing and achieving despite the odds T HE JOURNEY of Kerri-Ann Mew, a past recipient of the Victoria Mutual (VM) Foundation Master Plan Head-Start Scholarship, is an example of personal growth and achievement despite daunting odds. During her studies at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mew faced several financial challenges that couldhave prevented the com- pletion of her programme; however, she main- tained a positive attitude every step of theway. She credits faith as a large part of her success. “When I was completing my law degree, sometimes I didn’t know where the money would come from. At UWI, you can’t sit exams if you don’t have financial clearance,” Mew shared. She has received several scholarships through the Victoria Mutual Head-Start Scholarship Programme, providing critical as- sistance which contributed to her completing her tertiary studies. “VM has a special place in my heart,” said Kerri-Ann. “My first account was with VMBS. I received a gift certificate in prep school when I was a part of the team that won the KFC Quiz show. Since then, I have received several schol- arships fromVMBS. I even got opportunities to work there during the summer,” shared Mew. She is now pursuing a Master of Laws in international commercial arbitration law at Stockholm University, which has been con- sistently ranked as one of the top LLM pro- grammes for alternative dispute resolution in the world. “To be aVMFoundation Scholar means that you have exhibited scholastic achievement but require financial support on your journey towards gaining a sound education; we are proud of Kerri-Ann’s achievement and will continue to support her as she is a part of the VM family,” shared a proud Naketa West, manager of the VM Foundation. VM Foundation scholar Kerri-ann Mew . To apply, visit a VMBS branch and collect an application form or visit and download the application form >> submit to a branch near you or online at The VM Junior Plan “Head-Start” Scholarship and PEP Bursary are for students who have completed PEP in the year of application and will be starting school. The top performing student in each country is selected for the PEP “Head-Start” Scholarship and top performing students across all parishes will be chosen for a one-time PEP Bursary. All applicants must have an active VMBS account. The VM Future Plan “Head-Start” Scholarship is for students who will be starting tertiary education in the year of application at a local tertiary institution. The scholarship has a maximum 4-year tenure and is awarded to 3 students. All applicants must have an active VMBS account. The VM Master Plan “Head-Start” Scholarship is a one-time scholarship offered to a student who will be starting the final year of an undergraduate or master’s degree programme. All applicants must have an active VMBS account. The VM Stem “Head-Start” Scholarship is awarded to a student who will be starting tertiary education in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. The scholarship has a maximum 4-year tenure. All applicants must have an active VMBS account. Apply now for scholarships or bursaries under the VM Foundation Head- Start Scholarship Programme. Applications Close: Friday, June 26, 2020 AWARD CATEGORIES: If you’re not a VMBS Saver, become a Member now to qualify! Let us give you a “head-start” on your journey to achieve your educational goals!