Scholarships To Go 2019

2 THE GLEANER | TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019 Y OU HAVE cold sweats and a nervous stomach, and you have bitten your nails down to stubs. It feels like an exam – only this time, you are sitting in front of a panel of people you don’t know and they are asking you all these ques- tions you didn’t expect. Yup, it’s a scholarship interview. And while you definitely want to be awarded the funding, you could do without all the stress. Here are our top five tips to nail the interview, get that scholarship, and keep it! 1. PLAN It seems pretty obvious, but this should be the first thing you do. Your plan should include things like deciding on the companies you will apply to and when you will submit the applications. 2. PREPARE Research the scholarship pro- vider, the persons who will be in- terviewing you, and the scholarship criteria. Is the scholarship renewa- ble? Learn what you will need to do to keep it. 3. PRACTISE Put together a list of some of the typical questions you may be asked during your interview, such as,‘Why do you think you deserve this scholarship?’Practise answer- ing them in front of your mirror or with someone you know. 4. PRESENT Dress to impress. Ditch the ripped jeans for a nice shirt and modest skirt or pants. Get to the interview location at least 15min- utes early. Have all your documents and all the relevant forms properly completed. During the interview, listen before you speak, speak in a clear voice, and just be yourself. You’ve got this! 5. PERFORM To retain your scholarship, maintain your grades and a good attendance record, and continue with your extra-curricular activities. Stay abreast of the requirements to keep your scholarship, andmatch your performance with this. – VMBS How to earn and retain a scholarship THE GLEANER Company (Media) Ltd is pleased to present the 13th edition of Scholarships To Go , a guide to schol- arships, grants and bursaries available both locally and overseas.  Scholarships To Go 2019 is a guide intended for students. This publication comes against the backdrop of increasing awareness of the importance of a knowledge-based economy to the overall growth and develop- ment of any modern economy.  Indeed, making the transi- tion to a knowledge-based economy can only be effected through a highly educated workforce. It is a fact that wealth for the future will come from new products and services or new ways of doing things. Jamaica, therefore, needs smart and innovative people to move these processes forward.  In essence, this means taking a fresh approach to ed- ucation – one that is more open to experimentation and new techniques.  It is hoped that Scholarships To Go will help to point stu- dents in the right direction as they take the necessary steps towards academic achievement. A fresh approach to education Special thanks to our sponsors and advertisers and to the people who provided information on the various scholarships. CREDITS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF (ACTING): Robert Hart COORDINATOR: Sheree Rhoden RESEARCH ASSISTANT: Ahon Gray COVER DESIGN: Brent Gordon SUB-EDITORS: Sydonie Sutherland Tennesia Malcolm THE GLEANER’S SCHOLARSHIPS TO GO | TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019