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ONI VALENTINE believes in the mantra

‘prevention is better than cure’. An

aspiring family nurse practitioner (FNP),

she wants to play an active role in health

maintenance and promotion and disease

prevention activities, as well as diagnosing

and treating illnesses.

The IGL Legacy Scholarship for

Nursing has helped Joni to get a step

closer to realising her dreams and

compassionate nurse.

“Receiving this scholarship is an honour,

and I am extremely grateful. It has not only

helped to cover the cost of attending school,

but it also serves as a constant reminder that

I am well on my way to being the kind of

person and nurse that I want to be:

altruistic, hard-working and perseverant,”

she said.

“As an FNP, I want to make persons more

aware of their responsibility for their health

and well-being. I also plan to provide support

to those seeking to live a healthier lifestyle.”

The IGL Legacy Scholarship has boosted

her confidence, without which, she says, she

would not have been able to cope with her

demanding schedules. Joni said the benefit

goes beyond its monetary value and has

helped her in difficult times.

“It has not been an easy journey,” she said.

“The long hours at hospitals, labs, classes,

and assignments are challenging.”


After completing her degree, she wants to

practise as a registered nurse for at least two

years, after which she plans to venture into

midwifery, complete an additional year of

study, and work for another five years as a

registered nurse midwife.

“The final piece of the puzzle would be

getting my MSc to be become an FNP,” Joni

said.”The IGL Legacy Scholarship has been

one of those key pillars which will help me

shape my future and hold steadfast to my

dreams and aspirations. I am happy to that

say that my three years at the UWI School

of Nursing are symbolic of stepping stones to

my future as an FNP.”

SHE IS a hurdler, but not in the literal sense.

Shemara Rhoden has been presented with

numerous challenges in her life – primarily

financial constraints and the oft uphill task

of realising her dream of becoming a doctor –

which she has managed to overcome with

her unshakeable faith and hard work.

And she has been rewarded along the way.

Shemara is the recipient of The IGL Razai

Azard Rahaman Scholarship for Medicine

from the Ignite IGL Foundation which

covers tuition annually for each recipient for

five years at J$650,000 per annum. The

scholarship – which was named in the

honour of Mr Rahaman, one of IGL’s

esteemed directors and chairman of IGL’s

parent company, The Rahamut Group – is

available to Jamaican nationals who are

registered in the first year of the full-time

undergraduate MBBS programme in the

Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University

of the West Indies (UWI), Mona.

The IGL medical scholar continues to

distinguish herself among her peers. Recently,

at the annual University Student Awards

Ceremony, Shemara was recognised for placing

within the top 10 students with the highest

GPA in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

The IGL Razai Azard Rahaman

Scholarship has helped her to be steadfast in

achieving her goals.

“It has paved the way to my tertiary

education, specifically, my journey through

medical school,” she said. “It will cover my

tuition for all five years of my course.”


The fourth-year student is thankful to

Ignite IGL Foundation for the investment

they have made in her education.

“I am not certain that there is a word to

fully describe how it feels to not be able to

worry about tuition,” she said. “‘Elated’ is

seemingly cliché and my search for words

has, so far, turned out to be futile. This is an

investment I cannot waste because without

it, I would not be able to attain my degree.”

An ardent volunteer with the Ignite IGL

Foundation, Shemara wants to make a

positive difference in her country. She has

her sights set on becoming a maternal foetal

medicine specialist in obstetrics and

gynaecology, but lately, she says, she is

considering paediatrics with a subspeciality

in neonatology.

“Being the only provider of medical oxygen

in Jamaica, IGL can be characterised as a

unique essential priority in our country,”

Shemara continued. “Therefore, it is for me

to be a unique essential priority to every

patient I will encounter, to every person I

will interact with, and to every child I will


‘I’mwell onmy way to being

the person I want to be’

Joni Valentine working to help promote healthy lifestyles


Joni Valentine

The IGL Legacy

Scholarship has

been one of those

key pillars which

will help me

shape my future

and hold

steadfast to my

dreams and


IGL scholar among top 10 medical students with highest GPA

‘This is an investment

I can’t waste’