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ARRERAS LIMITED has once again

come to the aid of Jamaican students

enrolled in tertiary institutions island-

wide with a range of scholarships and


The company, for many years, earmarked

more than $7 million to assist students as

part of its corporate social responsibility.

Ashleigh-Ann Arnold, head of legal and

external affairs, said the company’s annual

offering of scholarships to students is rooted

in its philosophy of preparing the next

generation of leaders and nation builders.

“For more than 50 years, Carreras has been

at the helm of the mission to advance

students at the tertiary level, and each year,

students, along with their families, have

openly expressed their appreciation for the

efforts of the company in creating

opportunities and giving back to the country,”

she said.

Students who are in need from

universities, community colleges and

teachers’ colleges ,as well as the Edna

Manley College for the Visual and

Performing Arts, stand to benefit from this

continuing initiative.


In recent years, the Caribbean Maritime

University (CMU) was added to the list of

universities to receive bursaries. Carreras

Limited has been pleased with the response

from CMU, and the institution will remain

among the universities to benefit the

expanded programme.

Under its guiding motto – ‘Empowering

through Education’ – the company has

opened the 2018 scholarship programme for

tertiary students.

To apply for any of the scholarships,

applicants must be Jamaican citizens and

have achieved at least a B- average (3.0

GPA) in the previous academic year.

Applicants are required to submit two

references, the completed application form

and an official transcript from the institution

they are attending. Candidates must be 18

years or older.

The company has always awarded

scholarships based on the recipients’ need

and will continue with this emphasis.

Application forms for scholarships are

available online at ,


well as at all participating institutions.

Mrs Arnold noted that,in addition to

eligible students submitting their applications

directly to Carreras’ Ripon Road office,

scholarship units at the various institutions

will continue to collect some of the

application forms for delivery directly to the

company’s office.

The company’s postgraduate scholarship,

valued at $1.8 million, will be awarded next

year as the last recipient is in the final year of

the two-year award.


Carreras offers 2018 scholarships


Scholarship recipients at the 2017 Carreras scholarship reception pose with Marcus Steele (front, centre), managing

director of Carreras Limited.

Kai-Yaneeke Tapper – Determined and grateful

A PAST student of St Andrew High

School for Girls, Kai-Yaneeke Tapper

holds a Bachelor of Arts in

Entertainment and Cultural

Enterprise Management, with a

minor in Music, from the University

of the West Indies.

Tapper’s ultimate career goal is to

become a cultural analyst. However,

with limited financial resources, the

realities of continuing with her

education appeared impossible.

Determined to achieve her goal, Kai-

Yaneeke began her journey of

seeking funding for her academic

pursuits and submitted her

scholarship application to Carreras in

May 2017.

From a field of over 50 shortlisted

applicants, Kai-Yaneeke Tapper was

named the 2017-2019 Carreras

Postgraduate Scholar.

The granddaughter of the famous

Count Ossie, Tapper is passionate

about contributing to the

important documentation of the

current state of reggae music, as

well as exploring how specific social

and cultural factors in the 21st

century impacted the evolution of

reggae music. It is her hope that

after the completion of her

postgraduate studies she will be in

a better position to build the

dialogue around the future of

reggae music and specifically ask

the question, ‘Is the new wave of

the reggae revival movement a

trajectory of the future?’

Tapper is currently enrolled in a

master’s programme at the

University of the West Indies, and

continues to express her gratitude to

Carreras Limited for making this


The Carreras Postgraduate

Scholarship,which was first

introduced in 1967, is the company’s

flagship scholarship offered biennially

and valued at $1.8 million. The

company was encouraged by Kai-

Yaneeke’s drive and wishes her all the

best in her academic pursuits.


Kai-Yaneeke Tapper, 2017-2019 Carreras

postgraduate scholar, receiving her award

from Marcus Steele, managing director of

Carreras Limited.