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Scholarships To Go


First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union

Limited (FHC), which is also a provider

of scholarships to needy students, has

expressed satisfaction with the exposure it

has received by being a sponsor of the

popular publication.

FHC Credit Union is also satisfied that

it has been able to make a difference in

the lives of Jamaicans who are striving to

achieve their goals.

Juven Montague-Anderson, AGM –

marketing, communications and member

experience, told

The Gleaner

that she

sees the credit union’s involvement with

Scholarships to Go

as not just providing

assistance by way of bursaries and

scholarships, but as a way of bringing

awareness to what FHC does.

“At FHC Credit Union, we believe in

maximising on awareness of our products

and services. As such, for the past three

years, we consider

Scholarships to Go


a channel through which we could

showcase our sought-after scholarships.

We believe this has been rewarding, as

individuals will call us to say they saw our

scholarships in the paper. They also

enquire about how they could benefit for

themselves and for their children,” said


The senior manager said that FHC

currently offers three types of scholarships

– GSAT, the Oswald Thorbourne and the

Renald Mason scholarships, which are

awarded to tertiary-level students.


Montague-Anderson described

scholarships as being an important part of

the country’s education system.

“We see and know that there are young

Jamaicans who are smart, resilient, high

achievers and motivated individuals but

are unable to finance their dreams of

becoming productive citizens. So yes,

scholarships are needed to help these

unfortunate individuals who have the

desire to make a change and become

working professionals,” Montague-

Anderson stated.

She is encouraging other corporate

entities and individuals who can to also

provide scholarships to needy Jamaicans.

This, she noted, would give individuals

seeking scholarships more options from

which to choose.

Montague-Anderson reiterated that

FHC’s most rewarding experience since

being a sponsor has been the exposure that

the credit union has received, which she

has described as phenomenal. “The

sponsorship has great reach, thus more

applicants become aware of the

opportunities we offer,” she said.

Montague-Anderson revealed that

FHC currently spends approximately

$2.3 million on scholarships each

year. The money is drawn from the

FHC Foundation. Recipients are

usually members of the credit union

or children of members, as well as

from its Youth Savings Programme.

The senior manager explained

that scholarship recipients are

selected based on their financial

needs and academic performance.

Scholarships and bursaries are

awarded to primary, secondary,

and tertiary students.

FHC satisfied with exposure for

sponsoring ‘Scholarships to Go’




FHC Board Chairman Balvin Vanriel (background, left); FHCCU CEO Roxann Linton (background, centre); and FHC

Foundation Board Chairman O’Neil Grant (background, second right) join 2017 FHC Foundation scholarship recipients as

they pose with their awards.

FHCFoundation offers scholarship opportunities



SCHOLARSHIP benefit conveys

much more than financial aid for

students who have worked

assiduously to achieve at their highest

potential. A young scholar’s life is changed

almost instantaneously with the opportunities

afforded to them through FHC. The benefit

of educational advancement, the feeling of

accomplishment, the pride and joy felt by the

parents as a result of the sacrifices made for a

good education and the opportunities

granted to pursue specific careers are some of

the rewards gained.

There are numerous scholarship

opportunities offered by the FHC

Foundation. These include the annual

Renald Mason & Oswald Thorbourne

Scholarships, special grants to tertiary

students, five-year scholarships to new and

current GSAT students, as well as bursaries.

The foundation offers an Entrepreneurial

Award to final year students who are

motivated to start their own business. Young,

innovative and passionate entrepreneurs are

encouraged to develop business plans to start

their businesses.


The group photo published with this article in The Gleaner on April 23 was a file photo which should not have been published. We regret the error.