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Aworthwhile investment in Ja’s future


T VICTORIA Mutual, we

assist our members to

achieve their educational

dreams while on their journey to

financial independence. This is

because we believe in the

transformative power of education

in the lives of individuals and the

development of our nation.



The VM scholarship programme

is aimed at giving our student

savers a financial ‘head start’ on the

educational journey to a brighter

future. The programme is over 30

years old and has provided

educational support to over 1,600


The VM GSAT Head Start

Bursary is awarded to student

savers with active accounts and

those that participate in the VM

Save2Grow School Savings

Programme. This is open to

students in preparatory, primary

and all-age schools across the

island. The VM Junior Plan Head

Start Scholarship is awarded to the

three top GSAT VMBS student

savers, one from each county

(based on the location of the

student’s past school), to assist with

their secondary-level education.

Other scholarships at the youth

level are the VM Future Plan Head

Start Scholarship, which has a

three-year tenure and is awarded to

four VMBS student savers towards

local tertiary education and the

VM Master Plan Head Start

Scholarship, which is awarded to

one VMBS student saver pursuing

final-year studies at a local



The 2017 VM GSAT Head Start Bursary recipients are all smiles as they pose for a group photo following the 2017 VM Scholarship

Awards Presentation Ceremony, held at The Knutsford Court Hotel on August 25. In 2017, VM awarded 59 scholars under the

scholarship programme which was held under the theme ‘Making Your Education Count’.

Thanks for believing in me

THANK YOU, Victoria

Mutual, for awarding me

with a scholarship. It has

assisted my mother in

buying books and

paying the school

fee needed for me

to receive an

education at my

current school,

Ardenne High.

This scholarship

has given me the

opportunity to start

the journey towards my

future career of becoming

an attorney-at-law.

I believe the children are the future and that education can

assist us in creating a better future for ourselves and our country. I

am happy that Victoria Mutual believes in us and the future of

our country. I thank God, and Victoria Mutual, for providing this

assistance to me. It is the best thing that institutions like VMBS

do when they invest in the education of young people.

I will continue to do my best to make you proud as I appreciate

this opportunity.

– Avoni Stewart, VM Junior Plan Scholarship Recipient

Grateful for peace of mind, added motivation

WORDS CANNOT express how

thankful I am to Victoria Mutual

for selecting me as a recipient

of the VM Future Plan

Head Start Scholarship.

As a business student,

I am fully aware that an

investment in one’s

education is

guaranteed to yield

great returns.

Applying to university

was not an act of surety

for me, but a leap of faith.

This scholarship has not only

eased the financial pressure of

pursuing tertiary education and

provided peace of mind for my family, but

the award serves as constant motivation for me.

This scholarship brings me one step closer to my goal of becoming a

chartered accountant.

Throughout my studies, I am constantly motivated and reassured by

the great commitment and investment made in me, and it challenges

me to constantly improve my performance, while at the same time, find

ways to give back to others.

– Travis Rowe, VM Future Plan Scholarship recipient



The VM


programme is

aimed at giving our

student savers a

financial ‘head start’

on the educational

journey to a

brighter future.