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Born with cataracts, nystagmus and

nearsightedness, Randy Greaves says his

ultimate dream is to pursue medicine, namely

ophthalmology. With the goal of participating

in medical research, the young scholar hopes

to be among the first physicians who

successfully transplant an eyeball, one of the

most high-risk surgeries to date.

However, the 20-year-old University of the

West Indies (UWI), Mona student still has a

little way to go. Currently studying in the

Faculty of Science and Technology, Greaves

looks forward to being granted access into the

Faculty of Medical Sciences come September

2018, having lost the opportunity last year

due to a late grade. Yet, his passion for

medicine goes beyond his personal lot in life;

he says he always enjoyed caring for people

who were ill.

“I really think I would be an asset in that

field,” the first-year UWI student says. Yet,

Greaves’ goal to study at the university did

not always seem possible. While attending his

alma mater, York Castle High School in

Brown’s Town, St Ann, the Trelawny native

knew he would need to apply for scholarships,

as his parents were unemployed at the time.


But after being turned down for a

scholarship by almost every entity, Greaves

admits that he gave up hope. Yet, his

confidence was ignited when he received a

call from the NCB Foundation.

“I felt disheartened. But immediately

afterwards, NCBF called me,” he explains. “I

felt good and confident enough that I could

actually get a scholarship,” he says. Greaves

says winning the the scholarship and the

parish champion title for 2016 was a great

help to him and his parents, as it covered the

cost of his tuition. Along with boosting his

own confidence, Greaves says this scholarship

has set the pace for him to achieve his goals

in the future and encourages other students

to apply.

“It is a really good opportunity for anyone

who wants to pursue tertiary education. The

NCB Foundation Scholarship is the way to

go!” he says.


STUDENT at the University of the

West Indies (UWI), Mona, Ashley

Lewis wears several hats as outreach

volunteer, vice-president of a non-profit

organisation, Campion College alumnae,

daughter, friend, and now a medical student

pursuing her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor

of Surgery (MBBS) degree. Yet, her journey to

medical school did not come without its fair

share of trials.

The 21-year-old Kingston native says

attending university has always been her

desire, but her parents simply could not

afford it. To achieve her goal, she decided to

apply for scholarships. After fighting

hesitation and feelings of inadequacy, she

submitted an application for the NCB

Foundation (NCBF) Scholarship in 2016

and was shortlisted for an interview. Much

to her joy, she was awarded one of 14

scholarships, claiming the title of parish

champion for that year.

“It was literally like a dream,” she says.

“Everything happened very quickly and it was

just shock after shock. A few days after the

interview, NCBF came to my house with a

camera crew under the guise that this was

another round of interviews, so finding out

that I was the parish champion was just

another wave of disbelief. I was deeply

humbled, shocked, and thankful,” she says.


Lewis says for her, being

a part of the NCB Foundation family has

been life-changing. She also had the

privilege of working along with the

foundation on several outreach projects, the

NCB Marketing Department, and even had

a hand in selecting the 2017 scholarship

winners. Her advice to other students

looking to apply is quite practical: Do it.

“Just apply!” she says. “Release doubts,

and remember that you are just as good a

candidate as anyone else. This is a

scholarship for people with a story of

determination and the will to succeed

despite all the odds,” she adds. “Sending in

that application was honestly a defining

moment in my life.”

‘It was like a dream’

Ashley Lewis reflects on receiving life-changing scholarship


Ashley Lewis

‘This is a


for people


a story of


and the will

to succeed

despite all

the odds.’

When he gave

up, NCBF called

Randy Greaves sets eyes on being an asset in medical field

‘It is a really good opportunity for anyone who

wants to pursue tertiary education. The NCB

Foundation Scholarship is the way to go!’


Randy Greaves