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VMBS Save 2 Grow recipients Tiffany

Williams (left), Gabrielle Grant (centre)

and Tiffany Dawkins (second right)

share their moment on the VMBS

Scholarship Champions Podium with

VM Executives Laraine Harrison (left)

and Keri-Gaye Brown (right) at the

2016 VMBS Scholarship

Presentation Ceremony held on

August 19 at the Knutsford Court

Hotel. The ceremony was held under

the theme ‘Head Start to a Brighter

Future’ and used the Jamaican ath-

letes as examples of how success

can be achieved through hard work

and dedication, thereby encouraging

the recipients to work hard to achieve

their educational dreams.

VMBS making students’ dreams a reality


T VICTORIA Mutual, we

do more than just make

housing dreams come true.

We also assist our members to

achieve their educational dreams

while on their journey to financial

independence. This is because we

believe in the transformative power

of education in the lives of individ-

uals and the development of our


The VM Scholarship programme

is aimed at giving our student savers

a financial head start on their educa-

tional journey to a brighter future.

This has also been reinforced by our

over 1,600 beneficiaries. Some of

our recipients share their sentiments


Jevon Henry, VM Future

Plan and Master Plan


The VMBS Master Plan

Scholarship has been very helpful in

allowing me to pursue development

studies at the graduate level at the

University of the West Indies and to

take advantage of all the opportuni-

ties which come with higher educa-

tion. VMBS has been with me from

the start and has remained commit-

ted to my academic pursuits having

previously received a VM Future Plan


Jovae Taylor, VM Future

Plan Scholarship recipient:

The VMBS Head Start Scholarship

Programme has saved my life as the

funds have enabled me to afford living

on hall for the past two years.Thus, I

am less susceptible to the calamities

that befall commuters of the public

transportation system.The scholar-

ship also has given me the opportuni-

ty to not only grasp concepts thor-

oughly and comfortably read for my

degree, but also immerse myself fully

into the other aspects of tertiary life.

The fact is that the student who

lives on hall experiences a far more

rounded and holistic college life

as opposed to the student who

commutes to school just for classes.

In addition to alleviating the physi-

cal and psychological stress that

would have been placed on me, the

scholarship has also lessened the

burden on my parents, financially,

and they are not as pressured to

source funds on a daily basis to

support my tertiary education.

It is my view that if Jamaica had

more companies and institutions such

as VMBS, who are willing to invest in

the nation’s youth, then most, if not

all, of Jamaica’s health, economic,

and social deficiencies would cease

to exist. I will always be grateful to

VMBS for their financial assistance in

pursuit of my dreams.

Roshanna Spence,

VM Future Plan

Scholarship recipient:

This scholarship has motivated me

to continue to excel academically. I

would encourage all eligible students

to take advantage of this grand

opportunity to vie for this scholarship.

Kathi Ann Wright,

VM Future Plan

Scholarship recipient:

The Future Plan Scholarship came

at just the right time when things

were difficult for my family. With the

help I received from VMBS, I am on

my way to pursuing my dream of

becoming an architect.

“Persons should apply for this

scholarship as it will not only bring

you closer to achieving your dreams,

but it will take a huge burden off not

only you, but your parents. The

peace of mind that VMBS gave me

with this scholarship is something

that I want to share with others.

Kevin Murray, VM Junior

Plan Scholarship recipient:

When I got the scholarship from

VMBS, I was elated. I felt as if my

hard work had paid off. The money

really helped in offsetting some of my

educational expenses.


Kevin Murray, one of the 2016

VMBS Junior Plan Scholarship


2016 VMBS Save 2 Grow

Bursary recipient Kevaughn


VMBS Save 2 Grow Bursary

recipient Jordon Bailey is on

his mark and ready to start his

educational journey in high



Minister Ruel Reid

(right) poses with

two of the 2016

VMBS Future

Plan Scholarship


Jermaine Daley

(left) and


Spence (centre).

Richard Rhule, one of the 2016

VMBS Junior Plan Scholarship

recipients, collects his award

from Laraine Harrison, group

chief human resources officer,

Victoria Mutual.

Jevon Henry, 2016 VMBS Master

Plan Scholarship recipient.

Jaden Chin, one

of the four recipi-

ents of the 2016

VMBS Junior Plan


collects his

award from

Laraine Harrison.


| TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017