The Gleaner NA July Special Edition

33 THE SECOND season of The Vision of Genesis 39 Global Gospel Talent Search was launched on May 14, with the promise of more excitement and surprise from the organisers. “We are ready to find the next big talent from across Canada, the USA and the Caribbean region. If you believe you have what it takes as a singer, dancer or musician, then log on to our website: and register for this year’s competition,” urged Pastor Elisha Smellie, president of VG39 Ministries, producers of the talent search. Smellie is a minister of the gospel at the Toronto Breakthrough Tabernacle, Canada. He is also the founder of the Vision of Genesis (VG39), which broadcasts live, twice weekly on Facebook and YouTube. Persons wishing to participate will have two options. The first option is to submit a 2-3 minutes video clip in HD quality with an entry fee of CAD$25. From there, the top 50 entries will be selected. The second option will be to submit an HD-quality video performance for a professional review from industry executives and judges of The Vision of Genesis 39 Talent Search, without any cost attached. However, these videos will not be admitted in the broadcast. Deadline for submission has been extended to July 31. “Be on the lookout for the first broadcast of the VG39 Talent Search on September 4, 2022, via The Vision of Genesis 39 Facebook and YouTube platforms,” Pastor Smellie informed with much excitement. The process of elimination will move from the top 25 to a top 10 and, lastly, the top 5, who will perform in the grand finale on October 9. A total of CAD$7,000 will be shared among the top 3 finalists. The winner will walk away with a CAD$3,500 cash prize and a recording contract with Grace Thrillers. The second place winner will receive a cash prize of CAD$2,000 and the third place getting CAD$1,500 in cash. Vision of Genesis 39 Global Gospel Talent Search promises much excitement, surprise George Royal, Season 1 Winner, VG39 Gospel Talent Search. CONTRIBUTED THE MONTHLY GLEANER | JULY 31 - OCTOBER 21, 2022 | | FEATURE