The Gleaner NA July Special Edition

FELLOW JAMAICANS and Friends of Jamaica, I amdeeplyhonoured and immensely proud to extend greetings to you on this momentous occasion, the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence. Sixty years in a nation’s history may not immediately conjure up significant moments of historic events or remarkable achievements worthy of global attention. However, any scrutiny of our relatively short existence as a nation will surely bring to attention the Jamaican slogan“we likkle but we tallawah”, which we enthusiastically embrace and perpetually seek to inject into our personal and national endeavours. The 6th of August 1962 will forever be etched in the annals of Jamaican and arguably, global history. Its significance is strengthened by the many struggles of our forefathers to take control and direct our own destiny, manifested in the freedom which we enjoy today. Over the past 60 years, as a small island developing state, we have demonstrated a capacity to contribute to the human family and we continue to defy expectations in many spheres, including in academia, arts and culture, diplomacy, sports, tourism, science and technology and entertainment, to name just a few. In so doing, the name “Jamaica” resonates in pioneering efforts in some of these areas, gaining plaudits in others, while at the same time becoming synonymous with great quality and high performance, much to the benefit of the nation. The past 60 years have also taught us that the road to success has its very own unique challenges, many of which demand our ful l attention and which we must confront together as a nation, if we are to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of those whose efforts form JULY 25 - JULY 31, 2022 | 8 Together, we can ignite Jamaica for greatness PLEASE SEE GREATNESS, 29 jamaica at THE MONTHLY GLEANER | JULY 31 - OCTOBER 21, 2022 | | FEATURE