The Gleaner, North America Dec 08, 2022 - Jan 05, 2023

THE MONTHLY GLEANER | DECEMBER 8 - JANUARY 7, 2023 | | NEWS 5 For more information visit – or call us: Toll Free 888-991-4065, North America – 866-735-6002, Cayman – 345-945-2014, UK – 0800-328-1622 & the Caribbean – 800-744-1163 Celebrate with SEND MONEY FOR A CHANCE TO WIN FROM AUGUST 1ST TO DECEMBER 24TH, 2022 VACATION INCLUDES TRIP VALUED AT $/£ 4,000 ROUND TRIP FOR TWO (2) TO JAMAICA A 3 NIGHT ALL INCLUSIVE STAY ADVENTURE TOUR CHAUFFEUR SERVICES TO & FROM THE AIRPORT AND BRONX, NY: McCall’s Bronxwood Funeral Home, north Bronx, New York, will again welcome patrons to its annual holiday cheer at the Eastwood Manor, 3371 Eastchester Road, Bronx, on Tuesday, December 13, at 6:00 p.m. A tradition for a quarter century, the annual holiday dinner benefits disadvantaged children in the surrounding communities as well as provides funding for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). Patrons are encouraged to bring an unwrapped toy and a financial contribution – minimum $40 – for the fund while enjoying a full evening of fun and festivities for the holidays. “We may still be dealing with the pandemic, the political climate and the economy. However, despite our collective challenges and concerns, there are those among us far less fortunate, to whom an extension of grace, favour and a small act of kindness, will bring a better day,”offered James Alston, director of McCall’s Bronxwood Funeral Home. The concept of a holiday dinner grew from an intimate office party for 30 to 40 persons, to a much-heralded community event that now thrives on businesses giving back to the communities in need. “As we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday, we at McCall’s Bronxwood want our friends, neighbours and families to embrace the collective nature of our struggle with compassion for one another,” noted Alston, who admitted that the past two years have been a challenge for everyone, everywhere. The company looks forward to support from community groups and block associations, the faith-based sector, elected officials, business and community leaders. TOY STORY. James Alston is a happy man, sitting among the many toys donated at last year’s Holiday Charity Dinner, hosted by McCalls’s Bronxwood Funeral Home, Bronx. NY. CONTRIBUTED McCall’s to celebrate 25 years of Christmas cheer Sophia Findlay/Gleaner Writer TORONTO: MARY BISHOP hails from Clarendon, Jamaica, and the 77-year-old mother of three girls swears by her tried-and-proven rum punch recipe which Rum punch, anyone? THE WEEKLY GLEANER | DECEMBER 8, 2022 - JANUARY 5, 2023 | | NEWS Jamaican Rum Punch DIRECTIONS Mix the first four ingredients together. n Add the pimento seeds. n Serve on crushed ice. n Serves 10- 12 INGREDIENTS n 1 part sour- 1 cup lime juice n 2 parts sweet- 2 cups strawberry syrup n 3 parts strong- 3 cups white rum n 4 parts weak - 4 cups water or fruit juice one dozen pimento seeds Note: The strength increases when stored in bottles and left to ferment for days or weeks. she’s been using for years. In fact, she comes alive with excitement, especially in the days ahead of hosting her annual Poinsettia Party in November when, as expected, the beverage would be served and be a sure-fire hit. “I’m always delighted to share this unique blend, because I’ve had countless compliments and I want others to have that success!”Bishop says of the special elixir, perfect for the colder weather. As a seasonal entrepreneur, she’s busiest at Christmastime preparing for the festivities ahead, which includes her and husband Craig delivering the poinsettia plants to clients, selling Scotch bonnet pepper jellies, and having friends over. She recommends making the punch long before it’s needed, so that it’s one less thing on your to-do list. Jerked chicken and jerked pork are great appetisers to accompany the drink to add that spicy kick. MARY BISHOP