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11 Dear Pastor, I have a problem. I am 28 years old and have three children. My first child is 12; she is living with my parents. The other two children and I are living with their father. My first child is not for the same guy as the other two. I have been living with this man for eight years. My second child is not well. He cannot walk. I have taken him to different doctors and also to do therapy, but he is still not walking. Right now he needs a special-care shoe. His father said he needs another child, but because he was not walking, I did not agree. He has got another girl pregnant. I was angry over what he did, but I continued to live with him. After a while, he said he was not happy with me and he needed a daughter, so I agreed to get pregnant again, and to give him a daughter. For two weeks now he has stopped sleeping at the house, saying he is still not happy. He says I should go back to my parents. However, my parents said that I cannot come back there be- cause of my sister, who is mentally ill. Whenever I go there, my sister threatens me. My father has a piece of land, but he does not have a title for it, and he owes taxes on it. I am trying to apply for one of the Food For The Poor houses, but they said I need the title for the land. I have been told that if I pay up the taxes I will be able to get a title. I don’t know what to do because my children’s father says he is not happy with me, and he wants me to leave. I am not working. Pastor, please tell me what to do, because sometimes he even beats me, and most times he verbally abuses me. J. Dear J., I would like to let my read- ers know that I have spoken to you on the telephone and I am convinced that you need help urgently. You are speak- ing the truth. I would like to appeal to the readers to assist you in any way they can. Anyone who can assist you in paying the taxes on the land would be giving you a very big help. So, I urge readers to do the best they can. Food For The Poor has already given you the as- surances that if the taxes are paid, they will help you to get a house. I am sure that the good Lord will help you, and if I hear from the readers, I will contact you immediately. May God bless you. Have a very Happy NewYear. Pastor My children’s father got another woman pregnant -Now he wants me to leave Think my boyfriend is a freak Dear Pastor, I am 21 years old and I am in love with a man who is 30. He is my third boyfriend. He is the most serious of them all. I went to spend the weekend with him and I was very surprised by how clean his house was. But my surprise was that he has mirrors all over the place. In the bedroom, he has mirrors above his bed and down at the foot of the bed. Plus, he has a big wardrobe with mirrors. I felt a little uncomfortable. I did not want to lie down in the bed or take off my clothes, but he coaxed me and said whatever we do, we can see each other. So, I asked him why and he said he just liked it. I asked him where the cameras were. He said he did not have cameras in the bedroom. I have never been with a man like him before. He said I will get accustomed to seeing myself in the mirror all over. He told me that if I did not have anything to hide, I should not be worried about the mirrors in his room. I love this man, but I don’t trust him with all these mirrors in the bedroom and I believe that he has hidden cameras. When he told me that he did not have cameras, he was laughing. What should I do? H.M. Dear H.M., I do not knowwhether or not this man has told you the truth. But I do know that many couples like to have mirrors in their bedroom be- cause they like to see themselves during the act of making love. I also know that this is a very cruel world and men can be deceptive. Some do have cameras in their bedrooms and secretly tape themselves having sex with women. This man told you that he was not doing so, so it is for you to decide whether or not you believe him. I hope he was speaking the truth. You have to make your own deci- sion as to the future of this relation- ship. But if this man loves you and respects you, he should not force you to do what you don’t want to do in such an environment. Pastor THE WEEKLY GLEANER | JANUARY 6 - 31, 2022 | | NEWS