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12 THE WEEKLY GLEANER | JANUARY 6 - 31, 2022 | | NEWS T HE VM Group was founded on the dreams of a group of cler- gymen who wanted to create a more equal society where hard-work- ing but economically marginalised Jamaicans had access to home own- ership and could achieve financial well-being. The business has grown over the years, with increased offer- ings and a reach that has expanded across oceans and seas to meet the needs of members wherever they are in the world. What has remained consistent, however, is the purpose of the business, which continues to be helping our members and clients to own their homes and achieve finan- cial well-being. Today, the VMGroup is a trusted partner for Jamaicans and friends of Jamaicans living abroad and on the island. STRONG INTEGRATED GROUP VM GROUP includes: VM Building Society, VM Wealth Management, VM Pensions Management, VM Property Services,VMBS Money Transfer Services, VM Finance (UK) and VM Innovations. British Caribbean Insurance Company and Carilend are affiliate companies. The wide range of the Group’s offerings enables the team to empower Jamaicans in different ways, helping them to transform their lives. It is a commitment that the team takes very seriously. SERVING MEMBERS AT HOME AND ABROAD VM operates overseas representa- tive offices in Brixton, Tottenham, and Birmingham in the United Kingdom, as well as Florida and New York in the United States. The Group also has a strong brand presence in Canada. VM’s overseas representative of- fices serve members of the diaspora, including those who plan on returning to live in Jamaica, in important ways. They offer information on VM’s savings and loan products and services, accept documents for the processing of mort- gage applications for purchasing prop- erty in Jamaica, and handle general queries. This means that returning res- idents can contact a VM representative office in advance to begin the process of accessing savings and loan products, including mortgages and car loans. SAVING WITH VMBS As a mutual financial institution, VM savers have a unique advantage. VM is owned by its members, and not share- holders, so the business’ surplus goes back into delivering greater returns to members through low or no fees and highly competitive savings rates. HERE IS WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: ● You start earning interest on lower minimum balances than most other financial institutions ● You are NOT charged to have an ac- count (yes, others charge you for this), so your funds remain in your account, earning interest ● We have never charged dormant fees on accounts, so your funds stay in your account and continue to earn interest ● As a VMBS saver you can access your accounts at any MultiLink ABM, with a VMBS debit card for free ● As a saver you get additional ben- efits when you apply for a mortgage at VMBS. MORTGAGES VM’s mortgages are also offered at very competitive rates and the team of caring experts has all the informa- tion to help returning residents hit the ground running for the new chapter of their lives back on the island. AUTO LOANS The VM Drive Auto Loan continues to be a favourite among members. Members are able to access up to 100 per cent financing and discounts on auto insurance while making low monthly payments. The return to Jamaica will be so much sweeter with no restrictions on movement. From Negril to Morant Point, the island is waiting to be explored. VM’s chief representative officer for the diaspora, Leighton Smith, said the Group was fully equipped and ready to help returning residents transition smoothly, with easy access to life-im- proving financial products and services. “VM’s overseas offices allow return- ing residents to get a head start on resettling comfortably in Jamaica. This makes the experience more enjoyable. It’s a major move, after all, and we are here to helpmake it a great experience,” he said. “It’s part of our Group-wide commitment to offer the best products and services in the most convenient ways. VM also puts a lot of effort into providing financial education. We be- lieve that knowledge empowers and we want our members to be empow- ered to make the best financial deci- sions for themselves and their families.” For more information, please contact any of our representative offices or the VMMember Engagement Team: By phone: Toll Free (from Jamaica): 1-888-YES- VMBS (937-8627)Toll Free (from USA/ Canada): 1-866-967-VMBS (8627) Free (from UK): 0-800-068-VMBS (8627) By email: VM Group: Transforming lives at home and abroad