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PanCaribbeanBank reaffirms commitment to simplified banking

Breakthrough Communications | 2012-10-03 00:00:00

PanCaribbeanBank on October 1 launched PriorityMe: An exciting new alternative to traditional savings plans.  The product is a bundle of two premium interest bearing accounts that offers the flexibility of cheque writing with no monthly service charge.

 Sabrina Cooper, Vice President - Relationship Banking - PanCaribbeanBank explained the logic behind the new product. “We listen to our customers and try as much as possible to build products around their needs and wants.  PanCaribbeanBank continues to do its best to add value to our clients and avoid charging onerous fees - especially in such challenging times.”

 The PriorityMe Plan links an interest bearing Money Market account to a Savings account, both of which offer preferential rates of interest that are calculated daily, and charge no monthly service fee. The plan is ideal for salaried workers who want to start or re-start a steady savings habit.

 Cooper went further to explain the intricacies of the plan which encourages salaried workers and professionals to pay themselves first. "There is no better account to receive your salary in – you earn interest all along the way.  PriorityMe takes the pain out of saving by automatically transferring monthly, an amount of the customers choosing, from the Money Market account to the Savings account, allowing our customers to save for their goals in a consistent and disciplined manner."

 With plans in the pipeline for PanCaribbeanBank to undergo a name change, many are speculating an increase in the bank’s market reach as the company aims to tweak it’s already premium customer service.

 PanCaribbeanBank is a subsidiary of Pan Caribbean Financial Services Limited, a member of the Sagicor Group which owns 86% of PanCaribbean. Plans were recently announced to re-brand PanCaribbean entities to bear the name of its parent company Sagicor.


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