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Partnership between CWC & Columbus International to transform Jamaica’s broadband internet

LIME | 2015-01-28 00:00:00

From positioning to become the telecommunications provider of choice to the proposed global logistics hub, to helping children in rural Jamaica get their homework done, the partnership between Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC) and Columbus International will solidly support and transform Jamaica’s broadband Internet future.

On announcing what the combined entities’ ‘network of the future’ will look like, CEO of LIME Jamaica, Garfield Sinclair, projected that the “future of telecommunications is broadband." He is placing heavy focus on this technology as it will support almost everything we do going forward.

The ever-expanding world of connected devices and machines, commonly referred to as “The Internet of Things” has become a transformational force across almost all aspects of our lives.

United in service, Mr. Sinclair shared how both brands will team up to invest and deliver rich innovation to serve the consumer, business and government markets.

He said: “Broadband is best viewed as a highly transformative platform that facilitates growth and innovation in the ICT sector and other key segments of a country’s economy and we are committed to sustain its deployment to shoulder the next ‘big idea’ and deliver it to the world.” Mr. Sinclair made the remarks as keynote speaker at the Private Sector Association of Jamaica’s President’s Club Breakfast Forum in New Kingston on Tuesday.

For consumers, Mr. Sinclair assured that the merged parent companies’ consumer brands, LIME and Flow, are committed to rolling out the fastest broadband speeds to power their converged platforms and introduce true ‘Quad Play’ services to customers. Combining fixed line and mobile technology, consumers will enjoy seamless integration of their mobile, internet, TV and fixed voice services so they can easily move from one device to the next to access services; for example ‘TV on-the-go’.

A similar service will be tailored for Jamaica’s micro to large enterprises, however,with more focus on the use of Cloud-based technology that will equate to less barriers for businesses positioning to take full advantage of the growing market for Internet-based commerce. This, Mr. Sinclair predicts, will open up vast avenues of opportunities for the booming Business Process Outsourcing sector, the proposed global logistics hub and – with the recent acquisition of DEKAL Super WiFi – add value to trade in rural Jamaica.

Better together, both Telcos will commit to setting the pace for accelerating innovation in broadband connectivity through a proposed partnership with the Government of Jamaica to support the delivery of a wider range of citizen-oriented e-Government services.

Mr. Sinclair shared: “We are interested in partnering with the Government to manage more of the development of digital services across the public service. We want to work with Web developers, designers, researchers and content specialists from across government to quickly improve e-Government services.”

Committed to keeping generosity in the spotlight, the country can expect an even stronger focus on social initiatives that will touch the lives of people in a more meaningful way. One thing Mr. Sinclair is passionate about sustaining is the StartUp Jamaica programme for young software and App developers to develop into becoming tech entrepreneurs of the future.

As part of its continuing network investment to support Jamaica’s growing demand for advanced telecommunications services, CWC is investing US$250 million or J$28.5 billion up to 2017 to expand LIME’s fixed and mobile Internet coverage and deliver the technology to more people in more places across Jamaica.


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