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Sagicor Life Jamaica Lauds Long Standing Employees

Breakthrough Communications | 2012-06-06 10:04:00

Over one hundred employees of Sagicor Life Jamaica were among the recipients of Long Service Awards during the month of May.
The company lauded its long standing employees of five and ten years by way of a Long Service Awards Ceremony at the Sagicor Auditorium in Kingston on the 24th and a Long Service Awards Luncheon at the Jamaica Pegasus on the 31st where employment milestones of fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five and forty were celebrated amidst a Jamaica 50 theme.
Dr. The Honourable R. Danny Williams, Chairman, Sagicor Life Jamaica was gleaming with appreciation. “We are delighted that so many employees have devoted such valuable years of service. A strong company can only be built on the drive and support of its employees and we are extremely grateful to have such a hard working and dedicated team of employees at Sagicor.”
Special note was made of Sagicor’s longest serving employee to date Loris Chin-Young who has contributed forty one years of service after starting as a summer worker in 1971. Chin-Young moved up from filing to cashiering after just six weeks on the job and with a few promotions over the years is now Payroll Accountant at Sagicor Life.
“I am very honoured and proud. I have spent all my adult life at Sagicor and all that I have achieved has been as a result of working there ... I have excellent team members and I am never in a rush to get home because unlike many companies there are so many  other things to do. We are all very involved and operate as a family.”
Guest speaker Betty-Ann Blaine, Founder, Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) commended the awardees at the Long Service Awards Luncheon and singled out Chin-Young’s years of service to Sagicor. “No employee stays with a company for forty one years unless that company is a good company.”
A pulsating mood of patriotism and loyalty was experienced amidst the Jamaica themed decor, menu and dramatic entertainment offered by the International Kreative Activism Network (IKAN).
Presentations of awards at the luncheon were individually made by Betty-Ann Blaine, Tara Nunes, VP Sales and Investment Services –PanCaribbean, Marjorie Fife-Campbell, Board Member, and Richard Byles, President & CEO – Sagicor Life Jamaica. However, the presentation to Mrs. Chin-Young was a combined effort from Donovan Perkins, CEO – Pan Caribbean Financial Services, The Hon. R. D. Williams and Byles.

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