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Fresh Food Flare, A Farm to Table Experience

Breakthrough Communications | 2017-01-16 00:00:00

A Fusion of Food, Art, and Goodwill, Farm to Table delivered on the rich musical sounds of the mento legends Jolly Boys; incredible art from children and renowned local artistes to set the perfect backdrop to the savoury and sensory pleasures, prepared by a few of Jamaica’s top tier chefs.

Dennis McIntosh, executive chef at the Moon Palace Hotel and president of the Culinary Federation of Jamaica, returned with his popular traditional Lamb Stew. The stew comprised of strong Jamaican flavours and a hint of pimento; and was paired nicely with rice seasoned with onion and thyme.

For pork connoisseurs, David Bucknor, head chef and owner of Sheriff Gourmet BBQ, provided a safe haven at his table with one of his signature dishes, a whole roasted pig.

“I want the patrons to have that real country, natural, fresh, off the grill, melt in your mouth experience,” declared Chef Bucknor when inquired about making his selection for Farm To Table.

The butterflied pig was roasted in the Cuban box (metal box buried during the roasting process) slathered in a jerk sauce with a strong pimento backnote, basted continuously making it extremely  tender. The pork was served with sides of open-fire roasted breadfruit, sweet potato, and corn.

The return of the cow on a spit was greatly appreciated and the mouth-watering beef was a staple on every red meat lovers plate.

For the full family experience, Chef Jacqui Tyson brought “A Taste of Christmas” for the first time to Farm To Table.

Her menu included the new Jamaica Broilers ham, Smoked Hamilton, which was paired with a pineapple honey mustard sauce; and the Reggae Jammin Rotisserie Chicken served with a sorrel scotch bonnet sauce.

“It was wonderful way to show people that you can eat healthy and live longer," stated Tyson. “And that farm to table doesn’t necessarily mean finished in the ground straight to the table, but it is also in the process, in that it [meat] goes through the least amount of processing through the farmer’s hands,” concluded Tyson.

And Tyson also served her signature Chicken Pasta, creating an exciting demo for the children and food enthusiasts in attendance.Stush In The Bush (STUSH) penetrated the heavy meat scene with colourful and creative takes on well-known vegetarian dishes providing that essential balance to the patrons’ diet and palates.

They provided their signature menu items of yam croquettes and plantain chips (fried in flavour-rich coconut oil) served with chimichurri sauce and/or guacamole, in addition to last year’s crowd favourite, gungo peas soup.

To expand the soup lovers library of pairings with the pumpkin and ginger soup, STUSH offered a rich, delicious scotch bonnet cornbread and freshly baked slices of rye, chocolate molasses, and oats and seed — all gluten free.Eggplant ratatouille — eggplant slowly simmered with oregano, basil, tomatoes, sweet pepper, and red onion — was among the rustic vegetarian stars. As was Chris Binns’ vegetarian run-down — traditional coconut sauce with chayote (cho-cho), carrots and copious amounts of onion.

The Binns also had offerings of Beet Carpaccio, Roasted Beets with Fresh Chives, Roasted Fennel with Fresh Basil, and Roasted Easter Egg Radishes, Mahi Mahi Ceviche before serving platefuls of fresh fruits and the famous Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes topped with delicious STUSH Passion Fruit Butter.

Farm To Table once again to exemplified the creative, sensual, fare that brand Jamaica can offer utilising fresh, organic vegetables, ground produce, herbs, and meats sourced locally.

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