BPO Jamaica

2 BPO JAMAICA: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 2019 T HE BPO sector is critical to the growth of the Jamaican economy and our job creation strategy. Over 10,000 jobs were added to the sector in the last year and well over 32,000 persons are now employed in the sector. Despite this, there is room for even more growth and development in the industry. With more value added activities, such as application and software development, market research and data analytics and information- technology- managed services; the Knowledge Process Outsourcing Sector is ripe for further development. As a government, we are looking to Legal Process Outsourcing, Shared Services and Medical Process Outsourcing as a means of further growth and development. We have been engaging several international Shared Services operators and LPO operators and encouraging them to expand to Jamaica. Nearshoring of outsourcing operations also offers great opportunities. The Government of Jamaica is committed to the continued growth and expansion of the BPO industry. We pledge to continue our support to the industry through the provision of space and by investing in a qualified workforce as you continue transforming processes, people and culture. Karl Samuda, CD, MP Minister without Portfolio Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation Furthering growth and development T HE SECOND staging of the Outsource2Jamaica symposium is taking place at a time when we are moving to take the industry to the next level, and cement Jamaica’s place as the Outsourcing hub of Latin America and the Caribbean. Jamaica has launched the Global Services Sector (GSS) project, which will be preparing our people to move towards becoming fully integrated in the global digital economy. This means getting our already excellent talent ready for more diverse, high-skilled jobs, and boosting Jamaica’s ability to export services. GSS will elevate the country’s current outsourcing performance, which includes more than 60 companies offering services in Jamaica, and an estimated overall investment of US$400 million. The project will support the rapid growth of the industry, which requires talent with the agility that is needed to adapt to new technology and client demands. At this year’s symposium, you will see the progress that has been made and the success to come, as Jamaica implements the initiatives that will transform the Outsourcing sector. Jamaica Promotions Corporation is ready to take this industry to the next level, and we want you to join us on this journey. Talk to us, let’s do business! Diane Edwards President, JAMPRO Taking the industry to the next level Dr Grace McLean Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Youth & Information Dr Sean Thorpe Associate Professor School of Computing and Information Technology Speakers for O2J Eastern Jamaica 2019