Remembering Edwin Samuel Jones, OJ, CD

THE SUNDAY GLEANER, MAY 2, 2021 | FEATURE1 I1 SECTION I PROFESSOR EDWIN JONES ... P ROFESSOR THE Honourable Edwin Jones was by any test or measure no ordinary man. The finest quality of a brilliant student, excellent scholar, faculty dean, distinguished author, fervent nationalist were all combined in one single frame of one who was calm and non-combative, but ready for fierce intellectual combat if defending whatever he believed. He was abundantly gifted with the spirit, the knowledge and disposition which commanded immediate respect despite his own ego-free personality. Always displaying exemplary pedagogic skills as a gem of the first cut in the Faculty of Social Sciences, he faced a tough challenge when he ascended the chair of the Department of Government to succeed the Venerable Gladstone Mills. He did not slip nor slide but proceeded to establish his own indelible stamp of imparting knowledge to pupils in his own inimitable style. Edwin’s work took place at a crucial time when Jamaicans were taking over public administration from colonial civil servants when there was a significant alteration of the role of the State both in scope and in unprecedented areas. He was a pioneer in our generation for those who witnessed theWestminster model of Government at our Independence but were forced to raise fundamental questions about the character and legacy effects of the Whitehall model in the conduct of Government. As Professor Emeritus, Edwin Jones wrote the authoritative study and his most defining classic – Contending with Administration: Competition for Space, Benefits and Power. He boldly contended that there was the need for a new quality of leadership. He insisted, particularly in the era of globalisation and various measures of institutional reform within the public sector, that we had the capacity, which, when combined with the political ‘No ordinary man’ PLEASE SEE MAN, I 2 FILE PHOTOS Contending With Administrivia: Competition for Space, Benefits and Power by Edwin Jones. P.J. PATTERSON REMEMBERING EMERITUS PROFESSOR THE HON. 28 OCTOBER 1940 - 10 MARCH 2021 A Special Advertising Feature EDWIN SAMUEL JONES, OJ, CD