Radio Jamaica Celebrating 70 Years

Sunday July 4, 2021 Page 3 MESSAGES R adio Jamaica, formally Radio Jamaica and Rediffusion (RJR) 94FM, is synonymous with Jamaica and has been a part of the Jamaican story for decades, fulfilling an important public information role through a variety of news and current affairs programmes. Of course, the suite of offerings included entertainment packages designed for the time. Radio Jamaica’s origins date back to pre-independent Jamaica, having been founded on July 9, 1950, as an emerging independent society was taking shape. The significant milestone of 70 years of existence has long taken Radio Jamaica outside the realm of being just a radio station. It has become an undeniably powerful and revered institution with a history of contributions to our nation that is second to none. Indeed, every Jamaican can share a unique experience with the station as most of us grew up in households that had the dial locked on RJR. The radio station has over the years played witness to and spoken on every aspect and nuance of our nation and its people. Whether at our highest of highs in celebration or in our times of national adversities, Radio Jamaica is one of the most respected media institutions in the region and in the Western Hemisphere. Radio Jamaica has maintained its reputation for being the people’s station and certainly a family station that has assisted with shaping the knowledge and learning of many Jamaican children. The growth and expansion of RJR to its rebranding, Radio Jamaica 94, is a story of triumph, vision, and longevity. In its mission to provide news, information, and entertainment for Jamaicans across the globe, Radio Jamaica has given our diaspora in North America and the United Kingdom a piece of home and a connection to their beloved homeland. I have fond memories of RJR; I recall it being an important tool in the education and entertainment of myself and my peers’, and certainly forming the basis for discussion in my household and in my community. The programmes helped to shape public knowledge and inform public opinion. There is scarcely a Jamaican, whether today or at the very beginning of RJR’s debut broadcast, who can say that they have not been in some form or another impacted by RJR, with its wide reach and diverse programmes. There is barely any aspect of Jamaican life that has been untouched by this institution. Radio Jamaica, with all its accomplishments and accolades throughout the years, has continued to expand its programming and continues to creatively respond to the growing needs, tastes and preferences of our population. The company must be commended for its consistent improvements and transformation of its operations to ensure it meets the needs of the modern era. I extend best wishes to the current board of directors, management and staff as you continue to broadcast authentic Jamaican content, and I extend heartiest congratulations on your 70th anniversary. I am delighted to join the RJRGLEANER Communications Group in celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Radio Jamaica and the role it has played in taking entertainment and educational programming across Jamaica. The PNP is proud of its media policies, which paved the way for a more diversified and competitive media landscape, in which the RJRGLEANER Communications Group has been able to respond effectively to the changing landscape and has continued to evolve, grow, and thrive. The fact that Radio Jamaica has remained such a popular and widely enjoyed radio station for 70 years is testament to your hard work and commitment to journalistic integrity and producing quality content. Having built this remarkable legacy over seven decades, I am confident that the RJRGLEANER Communications Group will continue to play a positive and integral role in Jamaica’s media industry, which is so essential to our democratic way of life. “Everywhere, Everytime for Everyone – Radio Jamaica 94FM the soundtrack to our lives!” The Most Hon. Andrew Holness , ON, MP Prime Minister Mr. Mark J Golding , MP Leader of the Opposition MESSAGES