Radio Jamaica Celebrating 70 Years

Sunday July 4, 2021 Page 79 I have worked with Michael for most of his 37 years in our media group and he was not perfect. No one is; but I can confirm that Michael was more good, did more good, encouraged more good than most. Michael was a good follower when it was his role to follow, but that made him an excellent leader, when it was time to lead. He never usurped another manager’s role. But his relationship with every manager allowed him to advise, influence and impact them in a positive way. And whether we remember him Inside Gordon House, on Hotline, as our Eyes on the Roads, engaged in “Exposure” – he will certainly be “Frontline News” wherever he is or just chilling and having a “Jazz Jam”. For two generations of media workers Michael Sharpe has been outstanding. For others to come, it will be inspiring. We will miss his wit, his turns of phrases, his mischief, his laughter, his respect for time, his punctuality, his creativity, his preparation, his “big picture” view of every little thing. We will truly miss him; but walk good… our colleague, our mentor, our director, our producer, our presenter and OUR FRIEND. Walk Good! Gilbert Newell The long-time Radio Jamaica driver joined the marketing department in 1999 and, sadly, departed in 2019. Yvonne Beckford The highly respected Radio Jamaica Traffic Coordinator died in July 2020. She had worked with RJR for over 25 years. continued from page 78