Monday, August 20th, 2007...3:18 am

Blogosphere keeps track of Dean

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Ross Sheil, Online Editor 

The Gleaner hasn’t been the only media house or ‘citizen journalist’ blogging about Hurricane Dean.

Not unlike us, someone identifying himself only as ‘Bob’, started his own Dean-dedicated blog. An attractively presented site, it needs updating since Friday – there was a hurricane! While Bob hasn’t kept tracking the storm HurricaneCancun is posting frequent updates as Dean heads towards the Mexican coastline.

With regular contributions from reporting teams currently based in Jamaica, are the hurricane blogs maintained by Floridian newspapers: The Miami Herald and The Florida Sun-Sentinel. The Sentinel also includes contributions from one reporter who returned to keep her mother company during Dean at her home in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine.

Back at this newspaper’s office on North Street, Central Kingston we’re still several hours away from daylight and getting outside to bring back the news. So for now that really is good night and wishing everyone a speedy recovery from the hurricane.

… Except to share this. Today, on several ocassions, our newsroom was rung several times by media houses around the world requesting interviews or simply information.

Interviewer to Gleaner journalist: “So, was there a warning?”

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