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Flying zinc, helping others and my mother (Part II)

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If they weren’t huddled inside The Gleaner building on North Street working round-the-clock covering Hurricane Dean, our journalists were busy doing what everyone was trying to do – survive it. Published in parts I, II and III are the individual experiences of the Online team …

Dayne Morrison, Gleaner Online Reporter

While some choose to venture outside during a hurricane, the more conservative – and that includes me – preferred to stay safely indoors. Only afterwards did we venture out to assess the damage, make repairs and assist neighbours.


Photo by Dwayne Mcleod: residents elsewhere in St. Andrew, work to clear the road of this tree which was blocking it.

The night before I had seen trees and light-posts uprooted and all kinds of debris hurled through the air by Hurricane Dean. Lighter palm and banana trees had been folded by the force of the winds, which also brought down walls and fences in my uptown St. Andrew community.

We knew that come the morning, there would be cleaning-up to be done. Come the day I decided to drive to work before finding my way out blocked by a tree further down the road, which left only one thing to do – to help my cousins move it.

What happened next makes for an interesting observation – that while there are people willing to work together and for each other, there are those who would rather watch. One man in particular drove down the still-blocked roadway , and jsust watched as we dragged the massive pieces of lumber out of his car’s way. Cigarette dangling on his lip he waited for the road to be cleared. Once cleared he drove on without the slightest acknowledgment to anyone.

But if ‘some’ uptown people like to watch, then they’re always other people willing to help. While that same tree blocked the road, one marina clad man riding a motorbike and already exposed to the elements was quick to lend a hand as we chopped and pulled away our common obstacle.

From then my cousin and I spent much of the day driving around the city responding to friends and family who needed help. We chopped up more fallen trees blocking traffic, relieved flooded rooms and homes, and pulled off shutters and guards.

It kept raining and we kept working.

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