Wednesday, October 15th, 2008...12:07 pm

Hurricane warnings in effect for Puerto Rico

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Hurricane warnings are now in effect for Puerto Rico, the United States and British Virgin islands, St Martin, St Barts, Anguilla and St. Kitts as Omar, the fifteenth storm of the 2008 hurricane season, continues to develop.

Hurricane Omar has been upgraded to category one.

Officials say the storm is now heading across the Caribbean Sea and towards the northeastern tip of the Caribbean island chain.

The Miami based National Hurricane Centre has also issued hurricane warnings for the Dutch Caribbean, the Virgin Islands and St. Kitts.

Omar is expected to cause rainfall of between 4 to 12 inches, enough to cause beach erosion and coastal damage in its targeted areas.

Forecasters are also warning that Omar could move up to a category 2 hurricane by the time it reaches the islands.

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