Friday, August 27th, 2010...1:26 pm

Tropical Storm Earl eyes Leeward Islands

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MIAMI, CMC – Residents in the Northern Leeward Islands were on Friday urged to monitor the progress of Tropical Storm Earl that could become a hurricane by Sunday.

The Miami-based National Hurricane Centre (NHC) said that the storm was now located latitude 15.7 north, longitude 43.6 west or about 1,300 miles of the Northern Leeward Islands.

It could become the third hurricane of the 2010 season, following Hurricane Danielle, a Category Four Storm that was 480 miles south east of Bermuda on Friday.

The NHC said that while there are no coastal watches or warnings in effect for Earl, residents in the Northern Leeward Islands should monitor its progress.

“Earl is movingtowards the west near 17 miles per hour. This general motion is expected to continue through Sunday. Maximum sustained winds remain near 45 miles per hour with high gusts. Earl could become a hurricane by Sunday,” NHC said.

Regarding Hurricane Danielle, the NHC said that it is expected to pass well to the east of Bermuda by Saturday night.

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