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Transcript for online chat with guest of the month
Sizzla Kolonji (May 28 2007 5pm EST)

Guest (May 24, 2007 5:07:05 PM)
Sizzla Kolonji, is dat you mi bredda

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:07:06 PM)
Yes, in person.

diva_16 (May 24, 2007 5:07:14 PM)

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:07:14 PM)

gol3 (May 24, 2007 5:07:29 PM)
We are ready to roll Sizzla is here so ask your questions now...

Guest (May 24, 2007 5:09:29 PM)
Sizzla mi av some queschon fi yuh,,,, Mi want fi know, wat inspires you in the creation of you lyrics in your music, do you write your own music, or does someone else write it for you

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:09:29 PM)
Soon to be released. We're in the process of mixing now.

Lady Warlord GummyBear (May 24, 2007 5:12:43 PM)
Ask Sizzla what is his take on the nowadays rasta artists who are being materialistic in their songs, mentioning the brand of clothes, rims and jewelry when rasta suppose to be humble and not materialistic

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:12:43 PM)
True. Rastafarians should be a humble set of people, showing rastafari as His majesty. Spirituality goes hand in hand with the material side of things. It would be best for you to create a balance of both. Not everyone will see things in the same light and some may interpret it wrongly so its just for you to be a role model for the people. 75% of our energy is for the youth of today so we as rastafarians should be careful of the message we send. We as the people have been deprived of our rights, we've been oppressed so seeing the nowadys youth striving thru the music gives us great pleausre to see thier success. Let us use it for betterment of the nation.

§ðlµñå (May 24, 2007 5:13:30 PM)
Sizzla are you planning a tour soon?

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:13:30 PM)
Yes, I'm just waiting on the promoters to advance us the % of teh shows before confirming the European Tour. It should start on the 7th of June 2007.

JahPiGGs (May 24, 2007 5:14:56 PM)
How did you get the name Sizzla Kalonji

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:14:56 PM)
Like name, like nature. Being in the streets, amongst the youth, the energy, that zeal to be successful. I got the name from Mr. Harris, and he said lets work with it. and it took off. We are warriors so we just work with the flow.

Guest (May 24, 2007 5:15:46 PM)
blessings from the almighty sizzla.....what would you say was your biggest accomplishment?

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:15:47 PM)
Reaching in the minds of the youth with a positive message about thier ancestors, thier culture, thier black african heritage.

capone_challice (May 24, 2007 5:17:14 PM)
the question that i want to asked Mr.Kalongi what can he do to help the youths in Ja from taking up the guns

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:17:14 PM)
Increase in educational institutions, being up close with the youth advising them in just the way we live and the way we see ourselves as musicians and artistes, provide more jobs and encourage them them and give them praise when theyve done good and be there for them.

natalia (May 24, 2007 5:17:40 PM)
when are you coming to canada again (ontario)

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:17:41 PM)
Possibly next year, when Ive been slated for a show.

JahPiGGs (May 24, 2007 5:20:35 PM)
talk to us about dame dash music group and why u didn't go on the roc with JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:20:36 PM)
Well, we've met Jay before thru Gavin which is Foxy Brown's brother; he's a musican who makes beats. He invited me to the studio and from then we've been working with him. After waiting for a record deal, based upon the energy of the song with Foxy Brown, he hadnt granted us the deal, and now Dame and Jay Z are friends. So Dame had taken the opportunity to get the deal thru Clarke Kent, thats how I ended up with Dame. Dame was ANR for Def Jam at the time so it was Dame Dash's music that was responsible for the product to Def Jam.

KAREN AKA MICHELL NY (May 24, 2007 5:21:29 PM)

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:21:29 PM)
Continue with tours, stage shows, helping the youths expose thier talent and try strike some business deal to help communties, being in the studio.

ramgoatdemon (May 24, 2007 5:21:45 PM)
Sizzla, mi like to know who inspire you in the lyrics of your music

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:21:46 PM)
Thank you, your'e welcome!

itaina (May 24, 2007 5:22:05 PM)
Have you ever thought about having a show in Chicago

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:22:06 PM)
I've done alot of shows in Chicago, at House of Blues.

diva_16 (May 24, 2007 5:24:30 PM)
How do you see your music transforming the minds of the youths?

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:24:30 PM)
Well, I see my music in a positive sense, aiding them to do whats right, strengthening them, educating them about themself, the nation, thier community, helping them to see the light at the end of the tunnel, give them courage, self will, to get up go out and do it like anyone else. The world is yours. Its waiting on you. Isee my songs inspiring them to be men and the girls to be women and to instill a positive vibration to bring about love harmony to the youths of today.

Guest (May 24, 2007 5:27:08 PM)
hey sizzla as a fan i must know do you writeall your lyrics or do you have writers

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:27:09 PM)
I write all my lyrics, but there are times when we share the thoughts. Sizzla is no the only one seeing and knowing things. Great minds think alike, unity is strength, with us coming together as youths, sharing ideas, reasoning upon daily domestic topics, composing songs, we are all one, we can share, so we share. There are times when some real nice people write some really nice songs, might make a few changes, but its all good. I got it laid in the studio, set it off on the road. So we work together.

Guest (May 24, 2007 5:27:24 PM)

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:27:24 PM)
Thanks and the same for you.

FlyPanWall (May 24, 2007 5:28:04 PM)
Can we get an update on any new projects by Judgement Yard and the status of the magazine

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:28:05 PM)
O yes, you can give me a contact by sending your info (#, or email address).

Lady Warlord GummyBear (May 24, 2007 5:36:35 PM)
how do you feel about the state of dancehall right now with all the mixups and passa passa burning thru the airwaves and what do you think you can do to improve / motivate your follow artists to cut out the turmoil and bring back di good ol' dancehall vibes?

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:36:35 PM)
Well the music will always be the music. The music lives on. The music describes the people not in a bad sense but is thru the music we express ourself and out of the culture and we make a living thru the music. Therefore the artiste should know thier role in the music and thier responsiblity to the public.

diva_16 (May 24, 2007 5:36:56 PM)
Sizzla, when is your next show in the bahamas?

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:36:57 PM)
I cant say. When there's a close date.

MR@ SUSPENSE (May 24, 2007 5:37:40 PM)
sizzla what do u think musicians can do to make Jamaica better

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:37:40 PM)
Continue giving positive music and help in community development, educational programmes.

ramgoatdemon (May 24, 2007 5:49:18 PM)
Sizzla Kolonji, I see the entertainment industries, here in the United Snakes turning the Rastafarian Belief into a fashion statement, I see lot of American Youth sporting Rastafarians garb, dreading up dem hair, and smoke lot of herb, but not getting the true meaning of the faith, what do you think about that, and also when hollywood entertainment industrie mek lot of money from perpetrating rasta is that a negative, or positive

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:49:18 PM)
Well, alot of youth like the culture of rastafari because they are rastafarians thier king is rastafri King of Ethiopia, so I cant deny thier culture and I never will. But they need to study, search and analyse the rastaafrian movement as to where its coming from, where we're at now and where its going. We are the leaders of our future and we the rastafarian entertainers in the world, being known to the public, need to reach out to these youths and let them know that its not just fashion, its our daily duty to maintain the services and principles of rastafari thru sabbath keeping, african celebrations, and alot more concerning the rastafarian movement and communtiy. And in doing such, it will futher show the seriousness about rastafari and who we are as rastafarians. We have a job to do and that is to unite the people of the world with love and righteousness and put or differences aside. Everything for rastafari belongs to the youth of today worldwide. Its just for them to study the king of ethiopia whose birth name is Tafari Makonen crowned king of kings, lord of lords, conquring lion of teh tribe of juda, elect of god, the light of this world, his own divine majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, he is rastafari and we all take on his name. Therefore, we need to lead and exemplary life of the King in the sight of the youths of today. Its for them to know what Rastafari is about and we the rastafarian community is not with other mega companies, using our identity to make money, yet not helping us to maintain our culture. Its not right to take something, making miilions and giving nothing back.So we are against that. They are fully promoting what we stand for, which is righteousness, freedom. You make money off our culture, you should help us with our duty for the culture. Hungry be fed, naked be clothed, sick be nourished, aged protected and infants be cared for. We need finanacial strenght in doing all this. SO taking our culture and making money, is like your raping our culture. Simply, when we do something, in our community, we give back to the community. Too often they have been using our culture to make millions. What are they giving back????

ramgoatdemon (May 24, 2007 5:50:24 PM)
Sizzla when your coming to San Diego,,,,,,,, We play your music all the time,,,,, 91X,,,, Makeda Dread, and all of San Diego SEND YOU MUCH RESPECT,,,,,,KEEP UP THE POSITIVE VIBES

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:50:24 PM)
I dont know because there havent been any shows fore me there. If there is no work for me to do, not gonna be there idling.

ray (May 24, 2007 5:54:39 PM)
Do you think your song "a big long gun wi run out on them" contradicts your style. I am still want to know what stage of your life was you at the time of that song? When i listen to albums like the real thing, black woman and child, praise yeh jah, ghetto revolution ect and i can relate to all these albums. Singing gun song won't have a positive effect of the youth and that what you try to do in your songs!

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:54:39 PM)
No. The youth of today face alot of persecution , oppression, struggle, etc. Music is life. In Jamaica we got different genres of music, calypso, reggae. They come with a vibe and energy, not to insight violence but just to boost the frenzy audience with a clean heart in a lyrical sense. There are alot of things that go on in our lives that alot of people dont know that we might not say. But we are entertainers, we keep the vibes going in a lyrical sense. We try to make the audience happy and we seek to please to audience giving just a vibes.

Lady Warlord GummyBear (May 24, 2007 5:56:13 PM)
Sizzla, di song u have out with Jomo Rainbow name "give thanks and praise" it baddd...when can the public hear more songs from artist like Congo Judah, John marcus an dem man deh?

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:56:13 PM)
We're presently recording songs with them now. Basically they've done albums so we're promoting all these artiste and its for them to rise and promote themselves also...judgement yard music.

diva_16 (May 24, 2007 5:57:02 PM)
Sizzla, what community project are u currently working with?

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:57:02 PM)
We're with an educatonal programme in the community to educate them about the music to help themselves thru the music

sizzlak (May 24, 2007 5:58:41 PM)
Hey, thanks for your support and participation. One Love. May the most high Blessings be with you always in everything you do. Thank you rastafari. Link Sizzla Kalonji on or

Moderator (May 24, 2007 6:00:53 PM)
The Chat is now finished, thanks all for coming.


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