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The power of body language
In the 1960’s, the American psychologist Albert Mehrabian undertook vital research into non- verbal communication

Taking stock of JAVA skill sets
I choose to write on JAVA, as the tech community celebrates "A Decade of JAVA". A fitting tribute to this wonderful technology, which made the Internet and changed the way business was done

Real-Life Resume Blunders to Avoid
Nearly every professional has produced at least one resume in his or her quest for employment, but even the most experienced workers sometime stumble with the finer points of resume construction

How to get a job in these tricky times
When someone asks me, whatâ's the best way to get a job? I tell them, there is no best way. The best way is whatever got you the job.

Effective Questioning
There are basically five types of questions you can use to obtain information:

Preparing and dressing up
Last week we delved into finding the right job, preparing the resume and a cover letter. Lets look at gathering information and dressing up for the interview.

Effective job search
Searching for a job? Have questions aplenty? Read on to get some answers...

The right kind of question
In many situations the only way you will be able to find out vital information is to ask...

Communicating effectively
For managers in any organization the task of communicating clearly can be a complex and sometimes stressful business. Often this is because managers see the communication process as something that just happens and is just part of the job.

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