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Managing organisations - Process and strategy
The fiercely competitive business of supplying office products provides a limited area for achieving competitive advantage. Most everyday office products are available from all suppliers in the same specifications.

Managing organisations – Business Processes
A process is a sequence of activities that take place within the organisation so that a product or service can be provided to a customer.

Managing Organisations – Simplifying the complex
Organisations are complex entities because they are made up of people, systems, processes, beliefs, aspirations and so on. If we need to develop into effective managers of organisations, we need to find some ways of simplifying the complexity.

What shaped organisations?
The basic pattern on which organisations were, and to some extent are still, based is probably a military legacy. States or Kingdoms, from the earliest times, have found it necessary to have armies to protect or increase their territory.

Managing Organisations - A framework for organisations
Organisations do not need premises, assets or accounting systems, though most have them. They do not need to make money, although there are few organisations one can think of that are not involved in raising some form of funding or monetary income.

The Four Styles of Leadership
Being a leader has several traits; an overview of what it takes to be a leader and how to be an effectively and a capably lead a team.

Lessons in leadership
Tannenbaum and Schmidt developed the idea of leadership operating somewhere along a continuum which starts at automatic and moves through to democratic.

Blended learning – helping improve student success and learning experience
Whilst traditional teaching methods have the advantage of continuous face–to-face interaction and support, it requires physical infrastructure, academic availability, and structural curricula.

CARIMAC Summer School to start June 4
The Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) at the University of the West Indies celebrates the 25th instalment of its summer school programme this year with new additions to its annual line-up.

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