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Issue #130, June 16, 2009
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  • Now You Can Take Your Gleaner Everyway, Anywhere
  • New Star Entertainment Blog
  • So You Want Something New Every Day - new video at www.jamaica-star.com
  • Are You There Yet? If not, why not?
  • Roun’ Jamaica - Walkerswood: ‘All things nice and full of spice’.
  • Go-Jamaica Tidbits - Recession Rescue and Have A Drink On Us
  • Trivia Time Did You Know…?
Now You Can Take Your Gleaner Everyway, Anywhere

Gleaner Mobile The Gleaner Online is pleased to invite you to access our mobile Jamaica Gleaner.

If you have a PDA or smart phone (blackberry etc...) it is now extremely easy to download the link for you to get the news and our updates everyday.

Logon on to http://mobile.jamaica-gleaner.com/ and never be with out your Gleaner.

New Star Entertainment Blog

Bounty KillaWhy fuss and fight? Let good music prevail.

While the constant friction between the Bounty Killer-led Alliance and the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire can easily become annoying to many, there are still those in the dancehall who are rooting for the breakout of yet another ‘lyrical war’…

Let’s hear what YOU think! Leave a comment on our new Star Entertainment Blog.


P.S. remember to follow our coverage of Caribbean Fashion Week on the fashion blog.

So You Want Something New Every Day!

The Jamaica Star is pleased to announce each day you can see a new video at www.jamaica-star.com Stay abreast of all that is happening with regards to entertainment by checking out our media area for the latest interviews, music videos, vox pops and reviews. We promise you will find something new every day. Keep an eye on this spot for we have a lot more interesting features to introduce.

Are You There Yet? If not, why not?
If you are not in the www.jamaica-star.com gallery or www.go-jamaica.com gallery, then what are you doing?

Check us out for the latest in artiste updates, event and party photos, videos and more! We also invite you to send photos of parties and other social events with your name, for credit, and a short description to pics@gleanerjm.com or feedback@jamaica-gleaner.com

Was your community affected by bad weather this week? Do you have photos of persons helping out or being creative? Do you have pictures of the damage done by the adverse weather?

Send them to us at pics@gleanerjm.com or feedback@jamaica-gleaner.com.
DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF… send us anything that you think is of interest!
Roun’ Jamaica
Jamaica StarWalkerswood: ‘All things nice and full of spice’.

Go-Jamaica team members Peter and Kerry-Ann went ‘Roun’ Jamaica’ and discovered one of Jamaica’s hidden treasures in the beautiful parish of St. Ann – Walkerswood. It’s a spice lover’s paradise! Bright, welcoming colours, a verdant garden, complete with a stone fountain and such delights. Read more to see what else they discovered! at


Go-Jamaica.com Tidbits

Recession Rescue

Having personal finance woes or struggling to keep your business afloat? Get free advice from banking experts in The Gleaner's Recession Rescue column. Tell us your specific challenges and we'll help you. Email us at editor@gleanerjm.com or fax: 922-3400; or mail to The Gleaner, 7 North Street, Kingston.

Have a Drink On Us!

Is their something good happening in your community? Is someone doing uplifting work? We want to hear from you! Email us at editor@gleanerjm.com or fax: 922-6223. You'll get a Gleaner souvenir for every published idea.

Trivia Time Did You Know…?

On May 10 1655, a body of English sailors and soldiers landed at Passage Fort, in Kingston Harbour, and marched towards Spanish Town.

They were led by Admiral Penn and General Venables, who had been sent by Oliver Cromwell to capture the island of Hispaniola. When Penn and Venables failed to take the city of Santo Domingo they sailed on to Jamaica. On May 11, the Spaniards surrendered. They were allowed a few days to leave the island. Some of them went to Cuba, but others secretly went to the north side of Jamaica. .


Jamaica Agricultural Society


Bop Them


FDR Resorts

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