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Issue #154, November 18, 2014
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Top Gleaner Stories

This week was another interesting week on the Gleaner. The top stories are listed for your review, just in case you missed them.

The Top story this week was "Denying Daphne - 99-year-old woman waits 40 years.. ".

Other stories making the top 5 include:

- Denying Daphne - 99-year-old woman waits 40 years
- 'I ran for my life!' - How Shirley broke the chain...
- KC old boys desire male sex
- Delano Forbes takes a bride!

For more great stories, please continue to visit http://jamaica-gleaner.com

Top Star Stories

The Star is always serving up interesting stories.

This week's top story was "Thieves steal Miss Jamaica World of Crown" . Read how this happened.

Other top stories include:

- Cross-dressers attack, rob politician
- Ramping-shop high school
- Weird Goat shocks Owner
- Jealous Lover Attacks, Beats Cop

For more intriguing and entertaining stories, please continue to visit jamaica-star.com

From the Blogs

The top blogs from our bloggers are listed below. Read, share and comment.

- Emma Lewis - Pay Our Mothers, the Producers of Quality Citizens
- Peta-Gaye - The “Outameni” Catastrophe
- Leighton - WIPA, WICP Blunder but Senior Players have Dropped the Ball
-Teriann - Save as you spend!
- Jonathan Cali - Much More than a Mosquito Bite

For more, visit http://gleanerblogs.com

Career Listings

If you are looking for a Job, JobSmart is the place to go. Here are this week's choices of many available.

For more visit http://go-jamaica.com/jobsmart

Restaurant Week - Now On!

Restaurant Week 20141 Week, 3 Cities, 76 Restaurants - A Foodie Delight!!

The Gleaner- sponsored Restaurant Week (RW) is now on and ends November 22, 2014.

The restaurants are located in 5 wonderful categories - EPICUREAN, DELECTABLE, SAVORY, TASTY, NYAM & SCRAM - which will cater not only to your tastebuds but also your budget.

We invite you to explore the listing and discover the restaurant(s) that appeal to you.

The listings are provided below for your convenience. We invite you to take your place at the table at http://go-jamaica.com/rw

* Prices are per person, and do not include beverages, GCT (tax) or gratuity.
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