Barracks Road Primary School

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Education is an investment, and like any investment, it must generate the best return, which, in this instance, is the greater impactful development of our country. I am confident that given your school’s achievements to date, you will successfully meet this challenge. The Government believes education – the structured harnessing of the creative and intellectual talents of the Jamaican people – is the way forward in getting the nation to compete effectively in a modern, globalised economy. Our nation’s transformation must be underpinned by corresponding pursuits in education. It is clear that the continued development of the Jamaican economy can only happen through the intellectual enablement of our people. Barracks Road Primary School is helping this to happen! I am pleased that the school has empowered its students through learning, and providing the widest sustainable access to knowledge and skills necessary for development. I commend Principal Maxine Coates-Brown, Vice-Principal Mrs England-Jennings, the board of administration and the members of staff for their invaluable contribution, and wish for you and your students many more years of growth and success. FAYVAL WILLIAMS Minister of Education, Youth and Information ‘Many more years of growth and success’ H ISTORY HAS exemplified the notion that a solid foundation is the beginning to a great start in life. For many, Barracks Road Primary School has been that firm foundation which has provided countless opportunities for self-empowerment and nation-building; changing one life after the other. As mayor of Montego Bay, it is with great privilege that I commend and congratulate Barracks Road Primary School on its 150th anniversary. A century and a half is a very long time. The ingredients for success poured into 150 years of excellence should not be taken lightly! Undoubtedly, this school is etched into the history of St James; positively impacting thousands of youngsters in and around the city of Montego Bay, many of whom have gone on to serve Jamaica in positive ways. This milestone has provided the perfect opportunity to reflect on and to celebrate the tenacity and unyielding zeal of the founders, teachers, students and everyone who has been instrumental inmaking this institution a place of high standard. As we navigate the new normal brought on by COVID-19, we must be reminded of our own resilience in making it this far. May we also be strengthened and renewed to make plans for an even more successful future. I wish for the principal, staff and students a blessed future and strengthened partnership in maintaining the standard of quality that is promoted at Barracks Road Primary School, where ‘Only the Best is Good Enough’. Once again, congratulations! LEEROY A. WILLIAMS Mayor of Montego Bay T HE JAMAICA Teachers’ A s s o c i a t i o n i s commemorating the rich history of Barracks Road Primary School for the 150th year today. Barracks Road Primary School was started in 1871 with an attendance of five girls. The school grew rapidly in the 1970s and ‘80s, becoming an immensely sought-after training ground in Montego Bay, Jamaica, for children ages six to 12 years. Today, with the vision to instil in students positive values and attitudes that will assist them in becoming worthwhile citizens, the school is home to more than a thousand great minds. With the core values of cooperation, excellence, love, discipline and honesty that Barracks Road Primary has taught students, more than 10,000 graduates have gone on to being accepted into prominent high schools in Montego Bay and beyond. On behalf of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, we applaud you, and celebrate with the school family as you celebrate this important milestone in the school’s life. God bless you all. Happy 150th Anniversary! CLAYTON HALL Regional Officer, West ‘A century and a half should not be taken lightly’ ‘School is home to more than 1,000 great minds’ With the core values of cooperation, excellence, love, discipline and honesty that Barracks Road Primary has taught students, more than 10,000 graduates have gone on to being accepted into prominent high schools in Montego Bay and beyond. Barracks Road Primary School “Only the Best is Good Enough” 150th Anniversary A Special Advertising Feature